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Supply travel mountain-climbing socks, motion is recreational socks

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Dream of Guangzhou mountain peak is outdoors things
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Release time: 2008-8-22
End time: 2010-8-13
Detailed content: Model: WFierce horse of 09 Mammut(Switzerland resembles) material of the canister in thin socks is qualitative: Coolmax(fast dry material) : 38% ; Cotton(cotton) : 37% , ; Nylon(nylon) : 23% , lycra(stretch material) : 2% functions introduce: 1, thin model athletic socks, suit ran, play a ball game wait for motion, common dress is very comfortable also; 2, distinctive whole adds thick Mao Juan to design, increase function of the heat preservation that discharge sweat, compose of the; 3 grinding sassafras that reduces foot and climbing boot at the same time, double adjustable loop, avoid to the sock rotates and glide, be out of shape not easily, more considerate; 4, parallel double guide sweat line is designed, more benefit derives at sucking sweat; 5, handiwork seams a head to eye quickly, absolve those who seam head line to be the same as instep to grind sassafras, more considerate