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Picnic mat, sleep mat

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Mountain peak dream is outdoors things
Effective limits: [inside countrywide limits]
Release time: 2008-8-22
End time: 2009-7-25
Detailed content: L03. Fabrics: 210T cleanse fall among PVC: Breathe freely times higher dimension of spring back sponge: 180×55×2.8CM (ply) the dimension that pack: 30x20cm weight: 1.0Kg fittings: Cleanse tower husband is waterproof the bag outside makings a characteristic: (1) type of an organic whole aerates pillow can aerate expediently, decrease to acquire additionally the trouble of gas pillow and charge (2) design of unique sponge starting a hole can restore elastic force inside extremely short time (3) child the mother buckles a design, can let every pieces fill air cushion joining together to use, mother of OK and 50% discount belt is buckled!