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The characteristic of light-duty tent

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And of weight of the account outside deciding tent the waterproof coating that having one main factor is cloth, everybody knows, what the raincoat uses is PVC, what general tent uses is PU (the stand or fall that PU also has quality of course) , the tent of useful also now GORE-TEX, it is account of monolayer high mountain commonly (it is SOLO account more. The short account like the dot is overspread like sleeping bag) , the differs to affect whole with ply weight of coating. Present high-end tent uses silicone oil to make waterproof coating more in order to reach taller waterproof target, reduce weight relatively, be like the tent of VAUDE, of home still be like NORTHLAND, also can see on the high mountain account of ACME use, future can make the way of a development it seems that.

The element of the actor bad that decides a tent is very much, best method is examine in practice and contrast, I believe such opportunity will be increasing.

In the respect of a few individuation, say from the design, VAUDE and BIG AGENS are having original one side, VAUDE is 3 lever actually, specific inside after account builds kind, organic meeting shows great master again, the double lever of its passageway type adds apical rod, the effect that makes its obtain the independence like dome account to stand (FREE STANDING) . And this account of BIG AGENS, everybody can see have similar 3 firmware joins 3 short lever, but account end place still needs what account nails to cooperate to use. This nods the LIGHTWING ULTRAL of a little similar VAUDE.

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