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The characteristic of light-duty tent

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2. Lesser hallway, do not have hallway even. The individual feels MHW, MSR, VAUDE and BIG AGENS, of MARMOT outside outspread part can put account constrainedly only shoe and bag, comfortable hallway fetchs heavier weight only possibly. And what TNF and BD use is a design of half, what LARY uses is a this of TNF, 1 meter 85 right-and-left stature, a person sleeps still is comfortable, pass through when tribute Ga, also used quite. Nevertheless the price of 239 dollars feels even the foreigner expensive. Play that side without the account outside the attention inside whether does account have fanlight, if add breathe freely chimney, the likelihood is good, look from inside the introduction, account is net having gauze very, can mix double deck door (take the gauze that prevent midge) the problem that better settlement breathes freely. Because Mesh Canopy And Doors Allow Air To Circulate Through The Bottom And Top Of Tent was mentioned in the introduction, and those half hallway is to use those who put dirty shoe.

3. Of double deck account inside account uses bigger net gauze design. Be like BIG AGENS inside account is net gauze completely almost, this also is one of main distinction of 3 season account and account of the four seasons or high mountain account of course, want to obtain exceed light equipment, consider basically from 3 respects, a. Of light-duty material use. B. Original structure is designed. C. In not the circumstance of main function leaves the loss, reduce the use of material. And exceed small account to be able to consider to open a door only commonly, reduce bit of weight again. The account of that half monolayer of TNF is double open the door. But the account outside its has an in part only, and without open the door. On the design of a few other equipment, also have similar thinking, the ATMOS knapsack e.g. OSPRY (50L, 1200 grams) , its aglet place has a lot of hole eyes. Can a bit lighter, that is afraid of is a few grams, it is a progress, is this kind of indefatigable effort and practice, make present equipment disparate with before.
4. Outside account is used generally exceed light fabrics. The footstep that fabrics develops never has stopped, of tent outside what account uses commonly is chemical fibber cloth, mark is how many D, how many T, these expression that are fabrics method, the tradition that raises like gauze expresses the Neal that it is dawn (D) : D=g/L*9000 among them the weight that G is silk thread (gram) , the length that L is silk thread (meter) , chemical fibber, silk is multi-purpose dawn Neal expresses, d is bigger yarn is thicker, those who be like MHW outside account is: Fly Fabric Superlight 30D Fly. FLY is the account outside pointing to, and 30D is very fine, if everybody notices Er value is the dawn Buddhist nun of garment of a few assault 50 when, the fabrics of clothings is more frivolous already. Opposite outside for account, of ledger with stuff will be a few rougher, be like 70D, 100D. T is to use the root number that states density —— is used at expressing the yarn inside length of woven fabric unit, spin enterprise still is used to continue to use 1 inch inside the root number of yarn will express density, chemical fibber is to show classics filling density spends the sum commonly. Be like husband of 190T cleanse tower, 240T Chun Ya is spun. Someone looks index to notice only, if think T number is higher, weight is particular tall, answer to be compared integratedly actually. Fine fiber may state in the density on unit area the meeting is taller, but ply will be a lot of thinner. It is intensity of the account outside increasing, the fabrics that can use RIPSTOP is prevented namely tear off cloth. If TNF uses 40 Denier, 225T Polyester Ripstop Coated With 1500 Mm PU serves as outside account and inside of account with makings. Everybody knows nylon silk is solid core commonly, like Japan Dong Li company is passed now high polymer compound is added in nylon silk interior, get the way of place to go of high polymer compound hollow nylon fiber after becoming silk again, such word, in assure original fabric intensity while, reduce weight substantially, this also is the fabrics innovation that development of science and technology brings.
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