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Of Dongguan tent choose common sense

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Tent cannot use washing machine to clean. Battalion column must be placed apart with account cloth, avoid tear account cloth, when deposit tent, wet tent needs lay open airing to close again, although ascend process was not wetted but of climber expiratory etc can make damp gathers within tent, so best booth open-shelf is set, airing just closes for some time, fold of tent otherwise rule, heal because of use tent frequency much, fold too the rule is orderly can make fold sclerosis appears disintegrate breach. The colour and lustre of tent had better choose warm color if orange or tone is yellow, gules. When you are stranded, conspicuous colour and lustre will be easy be discovered. Tent a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces shuns kitchen work, use petrolic furnace to provide especially. This kind of furnace has excitant taste, yi Yi gives fuel oil, and firepower is uncontrollable, this is delitescent crisis. Cook inside the tent of waterproof nylon cloth especially the feeling with gutty and asphyxial regular meeting, cooking

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