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How to choose tent

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Dome tent: Tent of major the four seasons used fruity globose top design. Dome avoided to appear in tent coping planar and not easy firn, and this kind of design also can better defy wind, still can offer enough expensive interior space.

Barracks account (channel account) : A lot of 3 season account used the design form of barracks account. The account underside of this kind of form is rectangle, credit system is narrow, submit strip form. The strut bar that barracks account place uses and fabrics are less, whole shows wedge. But its end face is smoother, light accumulated snow, once encounter strong snowfall,cause tent easily break down collapse.

Prop up tent oneself: Dome tent can be propped up oneself. This is meant, it does not need additional stake or bolt is propped up can raise by oneself stand. You are OK easily raise such tent and shift, resembling is to carry to aerate greatly the balloon is same, you are OK also very easy tremble, swing, flap such tent, drop the dirty stuff above with trembling before tearing open solution to bale.

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