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How to choose tent

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More strong 4 season account book can increase normally 1 to 2 strut bar, can resist with making support a system stronger wind-force or it is thicker fall snow layer. The appearance of winter account designs pliable dome form normally, with the even place of coping of the account outside decreasing as far as possible, prevent accumulation firn. Of course, these winter / high mountain account applies to relatively gentle climate condition to fall likewise. Just they are additional the weight of the strut bar that comes out more makes they want to compare 3 season account a few heavier.

Can changing account is to be able to adjust the account of the four seasons that is 3 season account. Adjustment method is normally pull down from inside the system propping up of tent 1 to 2 strut bar, and dismountable ventilated part is supplied in the design, can pull down in mild weather or open in order to strengthen ventilated.

Still have a kind of tent that is used at warm weather, weight is very light, and feeble, average size is single person or two people, the meshy fabrics that often uses large area in order to strengthen ventilated. This kind of account can use Yu Chunxia Qiu Sanji, but generally speaking, design a characteristic as a result of it, this kind of account is most applicable in tepid, damp weather.

The simplest form is monolayer account. Basically, this kind of account is the contains a few intake waterproof cloth that maintains with account lever together only, in warmer weather, can open the slide fastener of intake, in order to strengthen ventilated.

Camp bag (Bivy Sacks, or interpret makes: Tent of sleeping bag type) can provide most limited shelter space for you only.

Account bag can hold next person and his sleeping bag only. What climb cliff to ascend cliff when you is mid, and want go up in abrupt rock platform pass the night when, you can discover common tent does not have a space to spread out at all. And at that time, it is the use on account bag clique when. Why is the choice planted each respect needs tent need balance. If economic to you weight is most important, so account bag is worth you to consider, and when you need the space inside enough credit, account bag is not optimal choice for certain.

Sleep screen credit (the appearance is like mosquito-curtain) the weight with tent is very deft. Sleep the weather that screen credit can use at warmth. It uses mesh fabrics, have a plenty of sealed, some is not. The fabrics of mesh can isolate the insect, do not prevent rain however. And tent can offer most simple asylum only, and can use Yu Chunxia Qiu Sanji only, but its advantage is weight imponderability.

Sleep screen credit tent

The family can accommodate more personnel with tent, it is 4 commonly - 6 people, sometimes more even. Dome can tear apart carry by much person, and building can be used at having the bivouac land of fixed establishment only.

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