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How to choose tent

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Wind, rain, low temperature, dust, still have various gnat. If somebody asks why to want outdoors to use tent, so these are reasons.

Divide this beyond, tent still can be in the field of hollowness provides the space with a close illicit for us. Additionally it still has the effect with delicate another: In the night, pull all its slide fastener when you, in the crouchs oneself in this to close narrowly space that exert all one's strength later, your mind can rise a kind of faint safe feeling and dependable move sadly. Human feeling is very wonderful really, outdoors, it is a when wrap up of simple place of cloth of a few nylon rises sealed little space merely, can let us have the dependable, feeling that be at ease.

So, what kind of tent style is just suit you? It is a few standards when choosing tent below:


The most difficult and slashing condition that should encounter possibly with your place chooses tent for the standard. For example, although you do not plan to be in winter camp, but if if some your outdoors activity wants to be in,deep fall red-letter day undertakes, so, carry 4 season account on the head or you should choose is to be able to change account.

4 season account should compare 3 season account to weigh 10 % normally - 20 % (because come out to get account lever) more,basically be. And can change account to be able to allow you to follow to come according to the circumstance lever of account of increase and decrease and adjust ventilated state.

Prop up oneself model tent (do not need outside force of have the aid of to prop up) special facilitate use. You are OK easily mobile its position, or it is to shake the fallen leaves above next tent, dust, firn. And the tent that quantifies too gently often is propped up very hard independently.

The capacity of tent. Each manufacturer have respective capacity level severally. And actual size often should slant than tagging capacity small. For example, one tags the account that is 2 people capacity, it is after the equipment that contains the adult with wide strong put oneself in another's position of below two bodies and them, often can appear quite crowded.

Recommend the article such as use repellent or ground cloth to prolong the life of tent base fabric.

The sort of tent

The tent cent of outdoors motion is two kinds big: 3 season tent (common and outdoors activity is used) with 4 season tent (winter / the high mountain uses) . We introduce these two kinds of tent in detail below between different.

3 season account normally lighter, use Yu Chun, summer commonly, autumn in the climate with 3 more friendly season. 3 season account can be behaved in harships normally good, but design characteristic also decided they been hard to have dealt with big snowfall commonly. If say account of a 3 season can prop up it constrainedly above the word of 2 inches of deep accumulated snow, should fall Xue Da went to 20 inches thick when, you had had a trouble for certain.
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