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About the data of Acme tent

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Parameter introduction:

Brand: ACME

Model: ACME-006

Norms: 1600mm× (2100mm 600mm) ×1050mm wide × (long outspread) × is tall

The bulk that pack: 480mm×160mm grows × diameter

Weight: 2.9kg(aluminous lever) , lever of 3.0kg(fibre glass)

Material is qualitative: Account uses 190D room to spill the bitter fleabane outside water fabrics; to to besmear above 190D material Pu coating is fought inside hydraulic can amount to 2000 (can prevent heavy rain) ; Bottom prevents besmear of buffalo ferry cloth to have PU coat for 210D, can look hydraulic 4000. Seam is in bitter fleabane, bottom to all do the processing that press glue outside.

Bracket: 7.9mm(diameter) fibre glass lever, Korea imports aluminous lever (optional) .

Evaluation: Suit 2-3 person to use, it is to suit altitude price of 3000 meters of the following sexes compares tent of very tall a the four seasons

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