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Wigwam of brief introduction EK-225

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EUROHIKE is British brand, by China a southern Taiwan manufacturer is machined, this factory has the Asia's most advanced facility that press glue, a lot of raw material also are imported from abroad directly.

The tent that this factory produces, lowermost coating is PU800, reflect high demand originally, of so-called PU800, can accomplish basically 1000. (the height of water column of cloth susceptive static state after the number here points to coating, the unit is millimeter, PU800 shows the static state is waterproof 0.8 meters of Gao Shuizhu) , the E-225 that everybody mentions, coating standard is 1600, and it is better than common PU coating have the coat that prevents function of violet external exposure, the technical index of 225 exceeded a lot of price of domestic actually 1000 yuan tent. From the design, 225 hind have outspread, can put 1 to 2 mountain-climbing is wrapped, very practical, sell only at present 3, 100 yuan 4, it is really very worthiness, nevertheless 225 also have inadequacy, weight 3.2 kilograms, lay particular stress on. Whole looks 225 it is very outstanding.

The other tent of EUROHIKE series is very pretty good.

Some tent that home machines, coating technology is solved very hard, so-called PU800 arrives of 1000, can arrive only sometimes 600, and coating is inhomogenous bring about whole waterproof not beautiful. From waterproof angle, PU600 can be prevented successive spit and intermittent moderate rain, PU800 arrives 1000, can prevent successive moderate rain, PU1200 above, can prevent heavy rain.

The structure of tent also affects defence performance, 225 be inside register form, account of inside and outside parts easily, more be helpful for preventing rain; When the account of tent inside and outside of outer garment type rains stick easily together, reduce rain proofness, when maintaining, the attention is nailed with the ground and pull a string outside account is pulled open.

Brand: E-Hike

The name of an article: LD-225

Norms: 165×200×115cm

The bulk that pack: 65×20cm

Material is qualitative: Inside account, outside account all is fabrics of high grade nylon, account PU1600 is prevented outside

Water coating, can prevent heavy rain. Seam presses glue processing. Bottom: PE.

Bracket: Glass reinforced plastics.

Evaluation: Suit 2-3 person to use, it is the root of fangfeng below common environment prevent the bivouac tent with admirable rain.

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