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Tent utility function

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The summer is used

Belong to monolayer, quite ventilated, it is the floor that a kind of canopy adds a nylon, quite ventilated, belong to low height above sea level to camp type, it can resist spit, of the design think writing heavy Wu Tongfeng is counteractive weather next, normally coping is ventilated screen window net, ground floor is nylon cloth, the account outside having, color is light won't let interior cross Wu Ri to bask in other person intolerable, overpowering blast is taken, the account outside building can keep out spit only.

3 season are used

Point to the tent that is not snow period to use, its difference Wu Yingzhu, it can be counteractive blast and nominal firn, most tent has the account inside the nylon that can breathe freely and waterproof fine outside account, account door is double deck, one is gauze net, the damp of tent interior can go out fully, account door is bigger, the activity that applicable Wu Santian reachs this kind of tent one week, had better be forest or won't egregious landform of exposed open camping ground.

The four seasons is used

The material of tent is qualitative harder, can prop up firn and blast, camping ground of easy pass in and out of double door type at harsh weather, design of this kind of tent thinks the equipment of snow period is taken put problem and space of account of inside and outside whether the problem of enough cooking, the snow below bounds of quite applicable Wu Senlin period blizzard.

The high mountain is used

Major alpine air current is quite exuberant, the battalion column of tent must prop up the harsh weather that breaks out with resistance, tent designs the demand of the person that must suit Pan Yan or hike, what carry easily character is comfortable.


Repellent is one kind comparatives light, the camp means of little expenditure, it can the family name uses forest of Wu Di altitude or Yagaoshan silvan environment, right at heat energy commentate go out to be differred with ability of the root of fangfeng or insect harrass defense, plastic the repellent that make is easy build, best quadrilateral convenient Da builds stiletto, use a few pebble to encase otherwise tie string again, can search a few spray to Wu Yingding appropriative battalion hammer, best dimension is 9x12 feet it is two people portion, if 3 people control a 11x14 foot.