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The characteristic of light-duty tent

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Talk about tent above all.

These year come, the innovation of tent, and outdoors life gains ground mediumly, make the classification of this kind of product more and more detail, and each can discover a series below old brand, namely: SUPERLIGHT, HYPERLIGHT or ULTRALIGHT exceed light series tent, mean PACK LIGHTLY gently, mean smaller bale bulk, not be harsh environment falls, only contented and pedestrian when reaching the need that pass through, can leave heavy with tremendous bewilderment, those who replace is those who enjoy progress of science and technology to bring is comfortable and relaxed, the hour of knapsack always is not lost tired. Once upon a time EUROHIKE 225 of a few years (3. 5KG) popular, to ACME small two holes (3. 2KG) , arrive again present SNOWWOLF pedestrian battalion 2. 6KG) . The development trend of tent is light quantify.

Here, introduce a few tent first, try to analyse again next quite, relative purpose, not be the contrast on index only, pass however quite, understand the train of thought of the design, experience the progress of science and technology.

These tent also call dome type tent to prop up a design independently, 1 person, 1-2 person or two-men account, monolayer, monolayer increases the half account outside the layer and double deck debt, basically design to satisfy 3 season requirement.

Eliminate account of a few SOLO, single pole account, sleep take account not to talk to be opposite only a few account analyse above attainable a few more the following general character:

1. Use aluminous lever to reduce weight for strut bar. Especially the lever of aluminous qualitative account of the 7178-T9 that the tent of MHW used EASTON, its PSI is achieved 100 breathtaking, 000, and diameter of the canal outside its is 8.89 millimeter, ply is 0. 51 millimeter belong to medium degree of finish, compared with 7.9, 8.2 or for the account lever of 8.5, having better strength. And 7178-T9 compares common aluminium lever, even the 7001 aluminous lever that everybody sees normally are having lighter unit weight, general beauty mark is worth for every inches GRAIN (material decides a circumstance to fall namely, account lever weight depends on the canal is thick reach a diameter) , visible MHW is only on the choice of account lever elaborative, and the price achieves USD280 (RMB2, 300)---North America price, no wonder also. And the DAC Featherlite™ that what other major brand uses on the choice of account lever is Korea DAC (can understand for lightsome like feather) the aluminous lever of 7000 series is obtained super- mix gently the firm effect that prop up. And PRESS-FIT craft makes what the join lever of the DAC aluminous lever that MARMOT mentioned it to use uses, distinction with its he carries kind of chemical adhesive connective. What BD uses is EASTON 7075 aluminous lever, look of brand choice EASTON of the United States is a tradition, also be absent a few.

Titanium alloy can be used in the following top class tent, perhaps, who knows?
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