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Of Dongguan tent choose common sense

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Tent can be divided for tent of the four seasons, 3 season tent, distribute high mountain account, travel account book again, monolayer, double deck.

Account of the four seasons can be used in freezing winter, it is double deck account commonly, 3 season account is in only summer, spring, autumn use. High mountain account teachs commonly small, short, fight ability of wind, snow strong, but tent of top class high mountain is likely not quite prevent rain (there is snow only on the high mountain, do not have rain) , travel debt is big, high, comfortable, the sex that defy wind is poor. Monolayer account teachs commonly simple, light, but rain proofness is not very good, and when cold angel is used, tent lining writtens guarantee easily dew frost, can make clothing and other articles of daily use of wet sleeping bag (each every night is divided in hundreds of milliliter through breathing the water that send out) , but having account of high mountain of top class monolayer is monolayer, windbreak permeability is very good, price is extremely high also; Wall of the account inside double deck account is very thin, breathe freely, outside account is waterproof, cover above, still often can raise outside account entrance inside have a wicket office, can put knapsack or cook (cook commonly should be outside account, tent very be afraid of fire, but also one day too cold go out not to go tent when) , when chill inside account does not written guarantee water, meeting knot is outer on account, and less.

Tent basically raises pole by tent, outside account, inside account, account nails composition. Main index has size, height, weight to wait. Raise pole to use a tent to support a figure, cent is deposited for a few, wear by rope of degree of tightness among rise, when using, can receive easily rise. The strength that raise pole is very fundamental, once was folded, tent becomes a bag, in fresh gale and heavy snow (indigestion go up in tent) when the serious test that is pair of account pole, the share that tent gives an issue easily namely account pole. Material of average account pole has glass to just was mixed aluminium alloy two kinds, the intensity of aluminium alloy is some higher. Account is compared inside frivolous, when air temperature tall weather is good, can raise only inside account. Account does not have a bottom outside, the water proofing property of base of debt of debt of place less than is close friends. The root of fangfeng prevents rain account outside, and have different vestibular design. Raising tent commonly is an account pole wear account inside to go up, maintain again, the account outside be being hanged finally, nail account hammer, still additionally one is plant is inside account tile is on the ground, account pole is worn quadrilateral, maintain first, the account outside be being hanged, keep out cold strong wind, person getting goes in, again inside account is hanged on pole, these two kinds of tent have different structural design.

Tent is collective equipment, travel tent is comfortable, the underside of 2 people is controlled in 1.5m*2m, 3 people are controlled in 2.1m*2m, high mountain account is lesser, two-men is in 1.3m*2m. Still have height, travel debt is high, in 1.5m above, comfortable, but with the wind the area is large, unwell at harsh environment, high mountain account is small, bend over to go up, do not be afraid of fresh gale. Same quality is lighter of course better. Tent basically applies to 3 kinds of utility: It is recreational, without ground floor, material also does not have too much requirement, facilitate carry, basically be the recreational place sunshade such as beach, rest temporarily; 2 it is general field uses layer of tent, know how things stand and feel confident of handling them, material requirement is made relative to glass reinforced plastics of lever of taller, battalion, qualitative light at carrying. 3 it is the high mountain is made by aluminium alloy with column of special tent, battalion, tent is outer prevent tear off etc.
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