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Of tent additional kind play law and equipment to improve

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Double deck account can divide by installation means commonly for: Outside be being raised inside, wrap around model, outside inside hang model 2 kinds.

Outside raising inside, wrap around model: It is to show it is good to be raised first inside account, the double deck tent of the account outside be being draped again. Mostly tent is this type. Installation is convenient, the account outside need not wrapping around is enraged in the day do not have rain of summer, with reducing tent fuggy.

Raise outside inside hang model: It is the account outside showing go ahead of the rest has been raised, account hangs the double deck tent on pole again inside. Its characteristic is when showery advent, can raise the account outside rising to take shelter from rain quickly, and do not come inside account is wringing. Defect is the account outside must be being raised, again the summer appears fuggy without pluvial weather.

Introduce Mu Gaodi of today's leading role “ first next- - demon ” of account of 2 two-men aluminous lever. This draws out the tent of treasure intermediary carry on for him summer, do not know everybody to whether still remember.

No matter sail of be in debt is from installation graph or tent itself look, be a model inside outside raising, wrap around model double deck account. The installation method on its graph was not told. What it tells below is additional kind of usage----Raise outside inside hang law and equipment to improve.

As a result of outside have on the belt of the 4 horn of account and inside 4 same Kong Huan on account, because this can exhibit account lever straight hind similar inside insert like account, the belt on 4 edges binds the account outside reoccupy to go up in account lever, a belt is in final reoccupy coping binds 2 pole together (this is improve 1) , the account outside finishing is propped up. Can accommodate 3-4 person to take shelter from rain at the same time, as a result of trashy inside account, also not be afraid of inside account is flyblown, wet.

If need pitch,rain keeps, can first inside the belt of account center coping binds the alternate point in 2 pole, hang the link up with of 4 edges to pole again (this is improve 2) , finally again inside the Kong Huan of 4 horn covers debt respectively 2 of correspondence of lever of enter an item in an account, hit ground nail, of the tent that finish whole how to plunge into.

Improve 1: Outside a fixed ribbon can be sewed on the central interior of account, because seam belt hind to need to press glue afresh, accordingly individual user does not suggest to use.

Improve 2: Inside the link up with of 4 edges has account only respectively 1, bit less, the proposal is in each to add on 2 couple appropriately in 4 edges, the bouncy belt in can using tent of similar source day inside account and join of link up with rise.