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Buy a few issues that tent should note

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One: Sail of acknowledge the superiority or seniority of is to use at: A: Activity of outdoors Shan Ye. B: General park, lakefront is recreational activity.

Choose A: Tent of the bivouac outside the specialist. Use at activity of professional outdoors Shan Ye, must choose double deck, prevent tent of the bivouac outside the specialist with rain, good permeability, the brand outside the specialist. The price is normally referenced (price of the sale after folding actually) : Introductory class 150-250 yuan, mainstream class 280-600 yuan, professional class, 600-3000 yuan.

Choose B: Recreational tent. The sunshade that is used at the environment such as park, lakefront avoids the recreational activity of mosquito or spit, can choose low-cost monolayer tent, normally waterproof with permeability can poorer, but the price needs 50-150 only commonly yuan.

2: The basis uses medium real need, the decision buys how old tent:

Choose A: Single person account: Width 90cm is controlled, use at single person only applicable, the advantage is weight very light, and can have the request of “ scoundrel ” that sufficient reason rejects others. Defect is basically can a person is applicable (can take at most 10 years old of the following children) .

Recommend: Mu Gaodi brand, money of ” of “ travel ala (account of high-end single person, tu Gui of CORDURA of use Du Bang exceeds light fabrics, super light, say actually to have 1.6 kilograms many only again some. What the German VAUDE tent that is famous in great reputation all over the world and blanket roll of rock of hillock of beautiful national flower also use is Tu Gui of Du Bang CORDURA exceed light fabrics. 7xx of retail price of government of ” of ala of travel of Mu Gaodi “ yuan, the 5xx after be being folded commonly yuan)

Choose B: 1.5 people account: Also call 1-2 person account. Width 120cm is controlled, most time is used at single person, also can sleep when necessary two people, the advantage is weight lighter, suitable scope is some more than single person account, defect is two people when sleeping, knapsack can be put outside tent only.

Recommend: “2006 of snow wolf brand exceeds ” of tent of light 1-2 person (the design is very reasonable in carry 1.5 people debt, double deck double open the door, account prevents rain outside 2 1000 Mm, account base is waterproof 10 thousand Mm, apply to environment of most Shan Ye, korea aluminous lever is nailed aluminously, say actually to have 1.8 kilograms only again, very comfortable. At present the company sets Mu Gaodi: Promotion period special offer is sold, 3xx yuan)

Choose C: Two-men account: Width 140cm is controlled, most time is used at two people, and can put knapsack into jam also is not disrelished inside tent. The advantage is two people need to carry a tent on the back only, if always be a person,defect is a tent, always carrying two-men account on the back to go out however row, meeting feeling is more depressed, because two-men tent wants to compare single person tent,weigh a few, and in the tent that a person sleeps in hollowness, may feel loneliness.
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