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About the data of Acme tent

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ACME is a German brand that enters China recently. In ACME tent the ACME-006 in numerous model because valence compares its peculiar sex to glow particularly. ACME-006 tent is account of double deck of the four seasons. Have at present green, blue, yellow, red 4 kinds. Cent imports aluminous lever for fibre glass lever and Korea two kinds. The account inside sail of be in debt, outside bitter fleabane all is made for fabrics of high grade dacron, bitter fleabane material can be fought outside hydraulic 2000; Bottom material is used fight hydraulic the cloth of high grade Oxford of 4000, is not to resemble general tent using PE plastic bottom, such making originally the problem of easy ageing end PE gets settlement, thereby greatly the life that added tent, all outside bitter fleabane and bottom wiring place all do the processing that press glue, can resist completely the descent of heavy rain, gale. The dimension of tent is 1600mm(wide) ×[2100mm (long) 600mm (antechamber is outspread) ] ×1050mm (tall) , 2 people can rest very comfortably inside, encounter special situation 3 people sleep to also do not have a problem together. Because used high grade data,so the weight of whole tent is controlled for 3 kilograms only, and the volume after baling is minor, it is 480mm only (long) ×160mm (diameter) .

Come from the design say, around of ACME-006 outer bitter fleabane leaves two appear fanlight mouth, in order to increase permeability; Door edge sets Chinese olive to buckle, facilitate when the door is opened fixed; Antechamber is set in the front of tent, can use deposit mountain-climbing bag and shoe content; Because used better stuff and good design, the heat preservation function of sail of be in debt also is very outstanding in congener product. Additional, connect in stay bar head and tent on the use material of place, common tent uses the tent unlike of ACME in that way common plastic join, use metallic bushing however, because stay bar head and tent are concatenate,also need not worry again so damage accidentally and cannot build. 4 horn still set tent 4 the root of fangfeng pull a string, can use consolidate tent, make the home of your outdoors more firm, safe.

Reach from the structure build build means to go up in light of, ACME006 was used build a structure new-styly, the tent after its are improved can be used already general inside raise law of outer garment type to build, outside also can be being used, raise inside hang a law to build. Advantage of tent of outer garment type is raised to depend on can be being propped up alone inside use inside account, stay in tent to also won't feel too fuggy in burning hot summer so, and outside can be being used when rain, raise inside register a way first will outside bitter fleabane is raised rise to be hanged by interior again inside account, tent course is built in order to avoid in wet in wringing inside account, ensure inside of account dry.

As a whole, ACME-006 tent has outstanding the root of fangfeng, prevent rain, warmth retention property and permeability, deft facilitate carry and field is built, it is price of a sex compares very tall outdoors tent.
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