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K2, CLASSIC the four seasons is classical tent

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choose a tent, I already was searched for on the net full half an year, buy this K2—CLASSIC the four seasons finally certainly classical. Prime cause is as follows:

One, weight is light. Trudge, pedestrian pass through, the weight of knapsack can decide success or failure occasionally. Load especially mountain-climbing, knapsack is not “ haggles over every ounce ” , however ” of dispute of “ Ke Ke, the travel of National Day Shen Nong Jia I arrived with respect to deep-felt experience this —— is meant a bit gentlier can hold to one section route more.

Classical gross weight has K2—CLASSIC the four seasons only 2000 grams, be the lightest almost in two-men tent. A lot of people are using outdoors and accepted classical tent EK-225, it has its reason like that via hock, but the weight of 3200 grams is not negligible not plan number. Other is very much pretty good tent, even if of aluminium alloy lever, weight also is in more 4—6 jin, but other index is not as classical as K2—CLASSIC the four seasons strong. The two-men account book of 1750 grams also has seen on the net, but function, easy should be differred moderately a lot of, we do not recommend weight consummate.

2, double open the door. If you camped in Heng Shuihu bank in June, can understand double opening the door is how necessary. Account of EK-225 inside and outside is irresolvable already enough anguish, chankaimentong is wind undesirable be to follow steam box general? The burro that is not afraid of mosquito and anguine bug of course need not consider this.

3, the bitter fleabane that take the door. If not be,touch in Shen Nong Jia on successive 6 days of overcast and rainy, what I decide to buy Acme almost is double open the door tent, both main distinction depends on K2—CLASSIC the four seasons classical much root rail, around of the account outside making takes door bitter fleabane. Camp in pluvial ground, the door of the account outside doing not have door bitter fleabane to cannot be opened wide, cook, have a meal do not have a place to solve.

4, waterproof prevent frostbite. Credit data uses 210T nylon cloth outside, waterproof 2000 millimeter, juncture place presses glue, heavy rain is no problem. Useful the burro that pass says to receive heavy rain this summer, THE NORTH FACE drinks water, k2—CLASSIC the four seasons is classical do not have wet —— the part that this may have historical novel, otherwise is TNF as it happens is raised be in sunken place. Data of the credit outside crossing this to plant is not afraid of microtherm, snow ground also but camp, how does otherwise call the four seasons classical! But the function that do not misunderstand heat preservation of good —— of effect of this tent heat preservation is not tent, that should rely on sleeping bag.

5, the ground hammer that human nature changes. This tent became much 4 bulky helix ground hammers, really good in loose camping ground with, this kind of design considers too considerate.
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