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2008 exhibition of facilities of meal of French Paris international, hotel

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Cloth extends time on November 13, 2008---On November 14, 2008
Show time on November 15, 2008---On November 19, 2008
Remove extend time on November 19, 2008---On November 20, 2008
What belong to an industry to travel / hotel / meal

Can exhibit exhibition of facilities of meal of descriptive Paris international, hotel to exhibit a company to sponsor by French encourage, only then achieve 1954, had developed at present becoming is one of fair of the most professional hotel industry trade on the world.
In recent years, the European hotel that manages area of world tourism heat personally carries out chain to manage a mechanism in succession. Compete to get used to intense market, numerous European restaurant and meal orgnaization shortened generally the newer cycle of hardware establishment, this promoted hotel equipment industry and relevant trade development greatly. The core area that France regards Europe as meal and hotel industry is had extremely strong do extend an advantage, every get on 1000 to join those who exhibit business and ten major audience to sing the praises is best proof.
Resemble before same, every are exhibited meeting will roll out brand-new theme, the exhibition of French hotel meal 2006 added salon of beverage of snack and restaurant equipment, international, textile newly clean maintain 4 themes such as as new as stoving, hotel packaging. We recommend supplier of industry of meal of domestic relevant extroversion restaurant ceremoniously to join this world's banner commerce platform, develop the international market that is a delegate with Europe, be willing to offer major to extend meeting service high gradely.

Hotel of limits of item on display is warm connect establishment; Inn hall reachs interior decoration; Furniture lamp is acted the role of; Dry-clean reachs stoving device; Swim pool and sauna equipment; Wholesome clean is provided; Gymnastical recreation equipment; Galley equipment; Meal household utensils; Food reachs beverage; Establishment and technology serve related other etc

Ginseng exhibit expenses expenses signing up: 2, 500 yuan of RMBs / person, include on business certificate fee, invitation letter to wait
Register cost: 850 euro, include the exhibition on the net and directory of proceedings of a conferences
International standard exhibits a cost:
Stall of bosseyed and open standard: 340 euro / square metre norms: Standard of 12 square metre is exhibited (height 2.5 meters) , contain lintel board, illume, one table 3 chair, carpet;
Stall of double-faced and open standard: 369 euro / square metre norms: Standard of 12 square metre is exhibited (height 2.5 meters) , contain lintel board, illume, one table 3 chair, carpet;
French surtax: 19.6%
Group regimental Wu expends: 10.5% (contain the domestic bill taxes of 5.5% ) , only according to exhibit with business accounting of charge of directory add up to;
Personnel expenses: Foreign living cost 170 euro / day / person, abroad stays 13 days, contain exhibit the traffic between living cost and city is expended during the meeting;
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