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China (Dalian) investment of 2008 international city and travel development expo

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The process is changed to be being accelerated ceaselessly in Chinese city, predict to be in did not come 20 years the amount will increase a city 660 times from now to 1500 above, urban population will grow one times above.
Class of Chinese state level and province, city is of all kinds developing zone 1300 many, developing zone of prefectural country level tens of thousands of. …… of investment, program, development, building, development tremendous, the big market that great your world fixes eyes upon!
The China that an open high speed develops is awaiting with international capital hand in hand!
A couplet chief of a tribe amounts to mark real estate project of real estate of seaside of area of buy of pond of Tianjin of development of investment of 5.5 billion RMB,
Fortune accuses a group Shanghai of investment of 8 billion RMB esteems bright island east beach zoology city and city of rainbow bridge Shanghai,
Investment of 5 billion dollar develops Bahrain investment bank towns of 3 river international energy,
Invest arrange to be in China to invest a plan through 20 billion dollar especially dene!
Many 150 bay mixes the assemble the world one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two capital of business of top class investment, development business, each new Dibaiji is slash will be born through CityDevelop!
CityDevelop comes from the whole world, investment China!
The international such as office of investment of international of bureau of tourism of city of Liaoning province, Dalian, country and board of thalassic business class, thalassic Arabia is professional the orgnaization is strong strong hand in hand, concerted effort makes investment of city of Chinese Dalian international and development exposition.
Many 150 come from bay and Euramerican international ginseng of business of orgnaization of top class investment, development, program trader, construction business is exhibited, the elite inside many 5000 course of study faces frequency the conference, collect major exhibits investment of city of Chinese Dalian international and development exposition and the conference at an organic whole, all link that involve urban investment and development.
Build a program for local government, area of garden of science and technology, developing zone, shopping centre, travel real estate, commercial house project, 2, project of real estate of 3 lines city, the project such as infrastructure construction is pushed reach to the international market with international investment develops business, financial orgnaization, shopkeeper, professional personage builds the platform that contact and communicates inside operation business and domestic environment.
Investment of city of Chinese Dalian international and development exposition will be 2008 the business of device of BtoB city investment with Chinese the most wholesale north and the grand meeting that build development.
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