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2009 China (Beijing) exposition of international sporting goods

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Time: In May 2009 6-8 day
Place: Beijing - countrywide farming exhibits a house (new house)
Sponsor an unit: This ┌ manages slightly this ┨ of Ba of kang of  aether core enemy  of  of coerce of thoroughfare  Zu
Undertake unit:  of this Xing Xun of Ti of  of avarice of appraise of ┢ midge ⒄
The success of Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, what be Chinese sports industry undoubtedly is comprehensive fly lifted a climax. From before experience makes clear, hold an Olympic Games to sponsor the development of city and place nation in economic respect to promoting, its effect is met than ever several times, and to whole sports industry revitalize and flourish, it is with might doubled more. To wear the wind that borrows an Olympic Games, quicken pace of internationalization of industry of our country sports stage by stage, manufacturer of each sporting goods greets this grand meeting that attract worldwide attention to be fond of, those who borrow this to promote oneself the business through this rare opportunity is famous spend and accelerate internationalization process. Provide a platform that reveals ego to give an industry, we 2009 China (Beijing) exposition of international sporting goods on May 2009 6-8 day is in Beijing countrywide farming exhibits a house (new house) hold. Current exhibit can get pay close attention to extensively and be participated in actively of course of study of countrywide sporting goods and social all circles again, in the meantime, it is infuse of industry of our country sports again a brand-new commercial source. Expect to be able to pass this congress to make the sports industry that gives a diversity, make sports facilities is the healthy service of Asian people better, for the healthy benefit of whole world people.
[conference program]
Report for duty cloth exhibits: On May 4, 2009 - 5 days (9:00 - 17:00)
Exhibit formally: On May 6, 2009 - 8 days (9:00 - 16:30)
[ginseng extend range]
▼ fitness appliance / equipment and accessory: All sorts of fitness equipment (like dynamoelectric ran machine, luxurious massage chair, be good at ride bicycle of machine, barbell, dumbbell, massager and sanitarian things, fitness to wait) gymnastical method, constitution determines happy equipment of equipment, Kang Tiyu, gym, club and facilities of meeting place facilities;
▼ outdoors equipment reachs equipment: Tent, sleeping bag, campstool; Equipment of exercise of bivouac, travel, mountain-climbing reachs equipment, car of the sports outside appliance of card of the binoculars outside professional illume tool, specialist, chess, go angling, specialist (house car, cross-country car) ; Club of excurse equipment, outdoors motion. Drought skate and dress, surfboard, surf takes, annulus slip and car of accessory, slide, truckle, accessory if: Protect, helmet
▼ contest equipment: Ball kind equipment equipment (ball of football, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, wall, bowling, billiards, golf) , special motion (track and field, gymnastics, swim, weight lifting, tumble, boxing, fire, archery, wushu, ;
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