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2008 (spring) home of Chinese Guangzhou international spins cloth art exhibition

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Propagandist do one's best
The organizing committee will expedite person specially assigned for a task to head for and other places of Frankfurt, Turkey, Japan many famous home is spun develop a promotion, the arrangement before exhibiting mails invitation and in China north and Hua Dong and other places basically sell a wide hair invitation letter, with domestic and international famous spin guild combines tens of homes, in Chinese spin at the same time dress of newspaper, China signs up for, " the home spins a times " , " the home is spun now " , Chinese home spins home of net, India to spin home of net, United States to spin TV station of TV station of net, Guangdong, Guangzhou to wait for domestic and international professional media strong conduct propaganda, meet to exhibiting the activity undertakes related the spot all-around dog report. Propagandist range and strength will be home of all previous Guangzhou is spun the strongest in exhibiting.

Ginseng exhibit expense

Domestic company price
Project standard exhibits a clearing
The price 7900 yuan / 790 yuan / M2
The standard exhibits a norms: 3M X 3M; Basic configuration: Two a piece of character of a 3 field, boarding, carpet, lintel board, conference table, chairs, two shoot the lamp and directory of enterprise of proceedings of a conferences to introduce freely.
Clearing is least hire 54 square metre; The price includes clean ground and proceedings of a conferences to introduce freely; Join the beard that postpone business to be built by oneself exhibit a stage.

Exhibit the meeting is periodic and annual

Ginseng extend a program
1, the ginseng that fill appropriate extends application form and be faxed or mail to undertake unit;
2, the exhibiting of 50% pays inside 5 weekday after application gets the unit affirms undertaking cost serves as deposit;
3, kick off before 30 days in exhibition, will additional of 50% exhibit a cost to pay grant to undertake unit;
4, payment: Telegraphic transfer money / check / cash
5, Home “ is made clear to spin cloth art to exhibit please when remittance”

Connect a telephone call: 021-63605188 - 16
Mobile phone: 15900688735
Fax: 021-63600072
Address: Shanghai Nanjing east road Guangzhou of center of foreign trade of 1025 rooms China exhibits square of 409 buy ground company Shanghai agency
Postcode: 200000
Contact: Liu Yi hopes
Network address: Http: / /

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