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2008 (spring) home of Chinese Guangzhou international spins cloth art exhibition

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Cloth extends time on March 25, 2008---On March 26, 2008
Show time on March 27, 2008---On March 30, 2008
Remove extend time on March 30, 2008---On March 30, 2008
Can exhibit continent house of place Guangzhou Pa (read Jiang Lu)
The country in sponsorring an unit tastes center of foreign trade of guild, China with spin (group)
Undertake Guangzhou of unit China foreign trade shows a company
Assist bureau of trade of the classics outside area of bureau of trade of the classics outside area of bureau of trade of the classics outside city of country of bureau of trade of the classics outside bureau of bureau of trade of the classics outside doing unit carry on to start city, trade of the classics outside Nantong city, Hai Ning city, tung, Yu Hang, Xiao Shan,

Limits of item on display is various curtain and towel of sunshade product bedding kind goods and bathroom use dry goods
Cloth art sofa reachs software side to expect curtain act the role ofing is tasted, desk of complementary makings fittings is used reach kitchen dining-room to live in adornment to use cloth with textile
Metope of 100 pages shade, bamboo wood sign is special textile

From 1998 up to now, center of course China foreign trade (group) 10 years breed meticulously, home of Chinese Guangzhou international spins cloth art exhibition to already made trade wife person recalls the one big great event that hold in both hands eagerly. Exhibited meeting accumulating to achieve 30 thousand square metre 7 years in March, attracted more than 250 ginseng to exhibit business and even more in all 10 thousand purchase business. In March 2008 27-30 day, center of Chinese foreign trade (group) will combine guild of textile of Chinese family expenses, bend force cooperates, make home of brand-new Chinese Guangzhou international spin cloth art exhibition. Exhibit meeting and exposition of furniture of Chinese Guangzhou international 2 period (office furniture is exhibited) , the corresponding period of exhibition of burden of woodworker of international of Guangzhou of furniture of kitchen of Chinese Guangzhou international and electric equipment exhibition, China, furniture is held with the house, predict to will attract more brand enterprise ginseng is exhibited and professional audience attends a meeting.

Strong strong together, the professional home that makes domestic center is spun exhibit
Because Pa continent is new of the house enable, exhibit what meeting dimensions will get pledging to rise. Center of Chinese foreign trade (group) will use textile guild with Chinese home together, produce respective advantage, home of gather together each district spins well-known trademark, make together bigger stronger more the Guangzhou home of flourishing is spun exhibit.

The home spins the “ vane of tide”
Hold to “ everybody spins ” fashionable concept, item on display covers the home to spin fabrics of cloth art, software, furniture to use product of cloth, various curtain cloth, sunshade, bedding, hutch to defend fittings of textile, curtain and other all sorts of family expenses textile, breed is more all ready, the construction is more reasonable, can satisfy the businessman's requirement more, the home that is be worthy of the name spins tide to release a center.
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