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Exhibition of things of fishing of 2008 Xiamen international

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6. Excellent service: For foreign major the audience provides visa data, for domestic and international professional audience era orders return ticket, guesthouse (conference price) , give proceedings of a conferences of professional audience congress, souvenir, offer those who exhibit respect of food and drink of transportation of business and circumstance of item on display, travel to seek advice from a service for professional audience.

Ginseng exhibit item
1.Exhibit collect fees:
The standard is exhibited (3m×3m) horny standard is exhibited (3m×3m) smooth ground (least 36 M2)
Domestic company 5800 yuan / 6300 yuan / 580 yuan / M2
Chinese-foreign joint venture 8000 yuan / 8800 yuan / 800 yuan of M2
Foreign enterprise 1600 euro / 1800 euro / 160 euro / M2
Note: The standard is exhibited contain lintel board together, shoot the light two, negotiate desk a piece, chair two, can allow electrical outlet of 400W/220V power source one, the proper motion postponing business of the ground that order light is in charge of exhibiting a place that arrange to require cost (detailed sees join) of the manual that postpone business.
2.Promotion of new product new technology meets: 5800 yuan / two hours.
3.Advertisement of proceedings of a conferences:
The page inside color of back cover of inside back cover of cover inside front cover is black and white inside page character introduces
18000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 12000 yuan 5000 yuan / edition 3000 yuan / edition 1000 yuan
Note: Layout norms (285mm×210mm) , 4 kinds of entrance art paper, essence imprint.
4.Other ad:
Visiting certificate invitation enters the space the ball sets upright a rainbow door portable bag
5000 yuan / 6000 yuan 10 thousand / 10 thousand pieces 4800 yuan / 3800 yuan / 8000 yuan / 8000 yuan / 1000

Company commitment
The organizing committee will be established a series of appoint a sponsor exclusively (if congress coronal name is sponsorred,wait) , have fun at the manufacturer all can be participated in, the detail is asked additional
Seek advice to the organizing committee all right.

Ginseng exhibit formalities
1.Ginseng it is good to exhibit an unit to fill in in detail " ginseng extend application form " build official seal, mail or fax to the organizing committee.
2.After signing up, ginseng exhibit an unit to must be in 10 will join in a few days exhibit charge collect an organizing committee to assign account.
3.Exhibit an arrangement to apply for first with “ , prepaid money, arrange ” to be a principle first, the organizing committee has a few authority is right exhibiting give adjust.
4.Ginseng exhibit an unit to be carried on behalf of accommodation and item on display, the organizing committee will inform separately.

Contact means
Communication address: Road of fine standing grain of Chinese Xiamen city postcode of 3ST-50 of square of 329 Pacific Ocean: 361012
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