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Exhibition of things of fishing of 2008 Xiamen international

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3.Rely on advantage travel resource, extend this locality market
Xiamen is located in southeast our country coastal, it is famous harbour scenery city, here climate is delightful, changchun of the four seasons, the beauty that element has " of " maritime garden praise. Xiamen already ascended 10 big focal points of body our country travel city, sightseeing travel comes before attracting many tourist everyday, there is advantageous sea to angle here environment, also having numerous fishing lover to gather hereat, area of Xiamen area and adjacent spring city, Zhangzhou all have very big demand to fishing things.

Limits of item on display
1. Fishing tackle: Bag of lever of line of fishhook, fish, fishnet, fish, fish, fishing uses bobbin, fish basket of line annulus, float, bait, fish, bite indicator, bite machine of fish of bracket of sensor, fishing, explore, angle the stage.
2. Relevant: Boat of chair of umbrella of tent of bag of glasses of fishing dress, fishing houseboat, fishing, fishing, travel, sun, beach, airjacket, rubber, night angles books and periodicals of guideline of field of things of lamps and lanterns, video, fishing, fishing, .
Audience organization
1. Mail directly: To countrywide each district fishing institute organization, each district fishs agent of brand of trafficker of things of lover, fishing, fishing gear, go angling is recreational Yo of place, each cardinal principle is recreational sell field, supermarket, masses to buy the home to wait issue 200 thousand visiting certificate.
2. Email: Major designs elegant electronic invitation, use sponsor an orgnaization from some giant databases, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of fishing to international home regularly agent of brand of trafficker of things of lover of fishing of institute organization, each district, fishing, fishing gear, go angling is recreational Yo of place, each cardinal principle is recreational sell field, supermarket, masses to buy the home, international to purchase the broad and relevant user such as business to be given out nearly 500 thousand times invite.
3. Propagandist promotion: Exhibit the news of the meeting and advertisement through be being published on each media, make an audience can seasonable understanding extends business and case of item on display, attract more professional audiences to attend a meeting look around negotiate, purchase order goods.
4. Activity of form a complete set: The corresponding period holds sea of “ two sides of the Taiwan Straits to angle contest ” .
5. Commerce conjugate: In ginseng exhibit business to be fulfilled ginseng after exhibiting application procedure, can submit list of commerce conjugate intent to the organizing committee, the organizing committee will have those who solicit pair of sexes to offer domestic and international major to purchase the commerce conjugate of business and supplier project butt joint to serve, rise ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be in exhibit meeting site trade to negotiate machine rate.
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