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Exhibition of things of fishing of 2008 Xiamen international

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Time: 20~22 day ground nodded in September 2008: Conference of international of Chinese · Xiamen exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Aquatic product of China of Chinese fishery association is current with treatment aquatic product of association Fujian Province machines current association
Undertake unit: Century business affairs is exhibited to show limited company in Xiamen city

Assist run an unit: Fishery of sightseeing of international of Taiwan of association of fishing of Hong Kong of association of fishing of Taiwan of association of IGFA international fishing develops association

China is big country of fishing things production and consumption, also be big country of fishing things exit, at present crop of things of our country fishing had taken the world 80% the left and right sides, the product exports country of Euramerican, day, Han Fada and southeast Asia nation in great quantities, there is no lack of among them high-grade product, fishing things processing technique is overtaking world advanced level.
To promote the development of things of our country fishing further, strengthen the technical communication between fishing things enterprise, extend market channel, hold international market tendercy, the organizing committee decides to hold “2008 China International (Xiamen) ” of exhibition of fishing fishing tackle, exhibit this meeting, the organizing committee will be mixed with the each country home such as day, beautiful, Han, Europe area trade closes to meeting, guild, chamber of commerce and halt China the close cooperation such as embassy, invite with all sorts of means as far as possible audience of much domestic international major, purchase business to attend a meeting look around, negotiate, purchase, order goods, raise the economic benefits of the industry hard, bend force makes this meeting communicate commerce platform for top-ranking fishing things!
The welcome attends “2008 China International (Xiamen) ” of fishing things exhibition!

Program arrangement
Cloth extends time: September 2008 18 ~ 19 days of congress kick off: On September 20, 2008 9: 00
Showpiece time: 20 ~ removed 22 days in September 2008 extend time: On September 22, 2008 14: 00

Nod showpiece
Conference of international of Chinese · Xiamen exhibits a center

Exhibit meeting window
1.Exhibit meeting internationalization to run, aid you to extend an international market
2.Rely on channel advantage, stimulative two sides fishs to communicate with moral course of study
Xiamen is our country southeast the principal port of coastal foreign trade, here makes aperient profit, content sheds unobstructed, with Taiwan a narrow strip of water. Before exhibiting meeting general to attract enterprise of numerous Taiwan fishing tackle and fishing lover, will join exhibit look around, the development of the communication of industry of stimulative two sides of the Taiwan Straits and trade mart.
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