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Gift of gift of the 6th Beijing reached exhibition of domestic articles for use

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Cloth extends time on March 18, 2008---On March 19, 2008
Show time on March 20, 2008---On March 23, 2008
Remove extend time on March 23, 2008---On March 23, 2008
Can exhibit exhibition of agriculture of place whole nation
Sponsor unit encourage to exhibit Hua Bo (exhibition) limited company
Undertake Hua Bo of unit Shenzhen city shows limited company
What belong to industry toy / gift / handicraft

Gift of limits of item on display, handicraft, gift, metal is placed, gift of crystal goods, coloured glaze goods, pottery and porcelain, advertisement
Domestic articles for use, home is spun, small electric equipment of things of bedding, plastic products, cuisine, family expenses
The products of stationery of stationery, office things, high-quality goods, horological, paper, product that pack
The skin is provided, things of box bag, travel, open articles for use, travel mountain-climbing things, appliance.
Hairdressing health care is tasted, health care is tasted, sanitarian appliance, hairdressing appliance
Adorn article, vogue deserves to act the role of, place hang adorn article etc
Collect article, mail money, antique, badge, souvenir

Spring purchased busy season just about in March, get the optimal period of order, searched more commercial trade opportunities to build capacious platform for business affairs gift, government affairs gift especially. The greatest gift exhibits inland sponsor Hua Bo of orgnaization — Shenzhen to show limited company together Beijing always outside the city marchs first Beijing field.
Professional exhibition corporation---Encourage exhibits Hua Bo to show limited company is China is done the earliest light industrial gift exhibits the major of the meeting to show a company, already had ten years of histories at present gift of Shenzhen spring, autumn is exhibited already developed make Chinese scale the biggest, have force most, clinch a deal the quantity shows grand meeting inside the biggest line of business. Company data-base has the global ginseng of more than 120 thousand to exhibit an enterprise to reach the data that buy the home, international gift exhibited 2600 ginseng to postpone a business in October 2007, amount to 3600 to exhibit.
Promotion plans (industry support---Be in through federation of Chinese light industry the leadership dominant position in the industry, to countrywide each district relevant trade office, association and member unit dispatch invite ginseng exhibit. ★ uses the branch that Hua Bo is in Hong Kong, undertake overseas promotion is extended, establish abroad commerce channel. ★ is in the throughout the country's strongest commercial network media website of gift of property of net of Alibaba, Hui Cong, each three-year institution of higher learning and China rich net are uninterrupted release exhibit meeting information. ★ is on full reply of a few mainstreams of each big province, city, professional records print sends ad, enlarge force. ★ is passed with the whole nation each relevant government unit reachs each district the good cooperation of relevant association concerns, invite relevant unit and member extensively to show up communication orders goods.
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