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Handicraft of gift of the 33rd Shanghai and home reside things exhibition

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Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich are current two big great event of domestic, the business chance that gift consumes is tremendous, shanghai and Hua Dong area are Chinese economy most develop, the most active area, wealthy businessman gathers, cross a state first selection of 500 strong companies, the motive power that gift consumes is driving. “ nimble amounts to gift to exhibit ” is to do what buying door mouth greatly to exhibit meeting, know a client for gift supplier, 0 distances contact big client to provide platform. The choice enters the handicraft of the 33rd gift that on March 19, 2008 ~22 day holds in store of Shanghai world trade and exhibition of household articles for use, you will contact what have actual strength most to buy the home directly, collect comes from the gift vogue information outside churchyard, strengthen cooperation, mutual benefit win-win. The 33rd nimble amounts to gift to exhibit, the party of the gift agency of 100% , culture of focusing popularity, vogue, China and times characteristic, advocate brand-new lifestyle. What professional group sponsors is exhibit meeting, through deepening a service, promote a brand value and company value to exhibit business client ceaselessly, reputation is established in industry and society.

Buy a 0 distances contact with elite
Nimble amounts to gift to exhibit sponsor an orgnaization, beautiful heavy gold invites what each gift consumes to buy the home, expert, advertisement to engineer company, government organization to wait a moment, let them choose, the gift with favorite judge, with production business, agency communicates face-to-face. Nimble amounts to gift to extend market each resource is effective and integrated, to ginseng exhibit business brings times doubler redound with the person that look around. Promotional understanding, grasp opportunity, make ethical brand, realize harmonious win-win.

Do successfully 32 times exhibit make you trust
No matter what kind of change, shirt-sleeve nimble is amounted to, Modern Life®, beautiful sand do the nimble that exhibits experience luxuriant elite group, the success that accumulates 32 does exhibit experience, whole journey is responsible this second exhibit meeting, “ puts client profit in the first maxim that ” is this group, innovate ceaselessly, promote the client's value, it is nimble the pursuit of luxuriant company unswerving. This second exhibit meet this raise group general as always, will exhibit with the gift of a newer, more efficient, stronger volume present industry.

Ginseng exhibit expense

1, special modelling exhibits:
Every 9 square metre (rice of 3 meters of ×3) exhibit a cost: RMB7000 yuan, every horn increase RMB500 yuan.
Note: Special modelling exhibits include 3 boarding (tall: 2.5m) , 3 lintel board, carpet, layer board, shoot a the lamp, par 4 times
Power source (220V/5A) , 4 one Zhang Wenxun desk, campstool.
2, the standard exhibits:
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