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Handicraft of gift of the 33rd Shanghai and home reside things exhibition

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Cloth extends time on March 17, 2008---On March 18, 2008
Show time on March 19, 2008---On March 22, 2008
Remove extend time on March 22, 2008---On March 22, 2008
Can exhibit store of trade of place Shanghai world
Sponsor nimble of look forward to of unit Beijing stage to amount to exhibition career (Shanghai) luxuriant meeting exhibits nimble of limited company, Shanghai service limited company
Undertake luxuriant meeting exhibits unit Shanghai nimble service limited company
Assist do guild of unit Shanghai arts and crafts, go to work to approve international of gift of culture things · to purchase a center
What belong to industry toy / gift / handicraft
Be in area Shanghai | City area under administration

Suit to join exhibit a product
Gift craft category:
Gift of baby of Fu of gift of stationery of gift of toy of gift of electron of gift of craft of gift of sales promotion of gift of souvenir of gift of public relations of meeting Wu gift? Home of gift of hairdressing of gift of timing gift vogue acts the role of gift of gift daily expense recreational gift section celebrates gift advertisement gift to present gift to wait
Family expenses category:
Tissue of household of tableware of candle of wrapping paper of flavor of ornamental of household of appliance of cleanness of things of plastic products cuisine lives in design and color of metalware of wood of crystal goods pottery and porcelain environmental adornment lamp acts the role of series of sunshade of the material that pack to taste cap of gift dress advertisement to wait
Stationery kind:
Gift pen folder annunciate the four treasures of the study of stationery of office of the bag that stick a bag

China has one of gift trade grand meeting of dimensions most
Modern Life®Handicraft of gift of the 33rd Shanghai and home reside things exhibition, on March 19, 2008 - 22 days are held ceremoniously in store of Shanghai world trade.
Nimble of Beijing stage look forward to amounts to exhibition career finite liability company arrives from 90 time initial stage now, modern Life® had taken more than 10 year, it is mature to arrive from the rise of gift course of study, we witnessed the development of gift course of study in these more than 10 years, companion grows together as it expand. “Modern Life®” is exhibited already can be in two ground of Shanghai and Beijing to hold 32 successfully, current exhibit meeting general inheritance all previous extend the traditional advantage of the meeting, with dash forward show internationalization, brand to change, standardization and target of exhibition of dimensions melt into, make Chinese scale the biggest, person is angry most clinch a deal flourishing, effectively the forehead communicates industry of most extensive China gift, household between most, international the first exhibit.

Choice nimble amounts to the argument that gift extends
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