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Fair of handicraft of international of black of the 5th China justice and gift a

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Ginseng exhibit charge ginseng to exhibit expense
★ international standard exhibits:
A: Exhibition period of domestic company 7800.00/ (RMB) 3m×3m
B: 3 endowment enterprise 8600.00/ exhibition period (RMB) 3m×3m
C: Exhibition period of foreign enterprise 2000.00/ (USD) 3m×3m
Every standard exhibits include (include: 3 white wainscot, medium (flower) Wen Mei card is made, aluminium alloy negotiates desk a piece, campstool 2 pieces, carpet full shop, exhibit electrical outlet of power source of an illume, 220V/1, wastebasket. )
Note: Double mouth is exhibited two rise order, book after December 1 exhibit will add those who receive 20 % to exhibit an expense.
Ground of ★ indoor light: Home 800 (RMB) / enterprise of square metre abroad 200 (USD) / square metre
Note: (hire since 36 square metre the least) ” of “ smooth ground is offerred only ginseng exhibit a space, do not include to exhibit frame, exhibit, carpet, power source.
Current exhibit conference ad hoc committee assist run an unit, prescient detail demands a data to the organizing committee please.

Advertisement of ad fare proceedings of a conferences (RMB) dimension of proceedings of a conferences: 285mm (long) X 210mm (wide)
□ cover: Back cover of 20000 yuan of □ : Inside front cover of 18000 yuan of □ : 15000 yuan
□ inside back cover: Full page of color of 12000 yuan of □ : Black and white full page of 6000 yuan of □ : 3000 yuan

Exhibit the meeting is periodic and annual

Exhibit meeting dimensions to predict dimensions: Exhibit an area 17, 000

Connect a telephone call: 0579-85213394
Mobile phone: 13636583085
Address: Zhejiang saves Jiang Dong of justice black city 4 areas 6 8 301 rooms
Postcode: 322000
Contact: Miss Feng
Network address:

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