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Fair of handicraft of international of black of the 5th China justice and gift a

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Geographical advantage: Be apart from Shanghai to have 3 car Cheng of half hours respectively, hangzhou only a Cheng of half hours of car. From justice black the International Airport takes airport express to be able to exhibit a center to need the time of half an hour only to Chinese small commodities city; And by railway station taxi, need 20 minutes only but the belt that buy the home Chinese small commodities city is met exhibit a center.
Industrial resource: Justice black has 1900 kinds of big consumable in all / one-stop supplier of service, 58000 China / 0 distances contact, 400000 in daily expense consumable / round-the-clock reveal, next sheet, outside carry, settle accounts / one continuous line serves. So far, already had handicraft productivity company company of 1868 the home, business 5064, entire industry the year's harvest hands in the forehead to exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, forehead of foreign trade exit is close 1 billion dollar, the product is in cover home market while, sell as far as to the 200 many countries of area of and other places of Euramerican, middle east, southeast Asia.
Buy a resource: The foreign trade orgnaization of justice black has foreign permanent 3000 many, purchase a foreign trader to amount to more than 20000 people, handling capacity of passenger of airport foreign trader already amounted to two hundred and one thousand six hundred person-time year, established business relation with 100 many countries and area, commodity already exported 5 continent of world 200 many countries and area, international purchases a group to be in justice black also confused sets draw together of the pericardium in purchasing to be bought household of home of Le Fu of Woerma, home, appropriate, easily wait with U.N. refugee arrange.
Exhibit meeting branch field: Fair of handicraft of international of Chinese justice black and gift and fair of trade of family expenses high-quality goods rely on justice black - the resource advantage of international trade city, in exhibit justice black uses during the meeting 6 markets and 30 professional markets serve as branch field (add up to: 1.5 million smooth rice) , extend meeting scope concentration of baronial, commodity, breed is all ready! All land that buy the home to want to step justice black only, enter the small commodities with the greatest whole world to exhibit meeting site.
Purchase a channel: In exhibiting the client of the meeting to invite the job, be to be in all previous exhibit the foundation of the meeting aspirant travel enrols business, will print more than 1 million tickets, the craft gift city that carries countrywide each district, professional market and manufacturing base undertake distributing. And in wide hand in meeting, China hand in the major such as exposition of meeting, Asia to exhibit this are printed to exhibit the special subject of the meeting to report the clique sends during the meeting exhibit business and commerce audience. Current, exhibit this can establish a client technically still to invite a group, be publicized through attending international industry to exhibit a form to undertake greatly and popularize (include Las Vegas gift is exhibited, Tokyo gift is exhibited, Frankfurt gift is exhibited, division grand gift is exhibited etc) , additional, still be aimed at etc of North America, Europe, middle east, Japan, Korea to basically export the market through website of trade family status buy the home to undertake conduct propaganda (include trade of round-the-world resource, Alibaba, United States constant of station, India moves commerce to wait) .
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