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Fair of handicraft of international of black of the 5th China justice and gift a

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Cloth extends time on March 8, 2008---On March 9, 2008
Show time on March 10, 2008---On March 12, 2008
Remove extend time on March 12, 2008---On March 12, 2008
Can exhibit place China small commodities city (justice smoked plum lake) can exhibit a center
Sponsor unit China light industrial chamber of commerce of handicraft imports and exports
Undertake unit Shanghai today ancient exhibition serves limited company
Assist do unit Zhejiang to save external hall of economic commerce collaboration, Zhejiang saves commerce of government of people of justice black city, China to promote committee Zhejiang to save branch
What belong to industry toy / gift / handicraft
Be in area Zhejiang to save | Golden China city

Handicraft of limits of item on display
Gift, gift reachs propaganda paterial
Christmas gift, candle reachs emulation plant
Classic craft furniture reachs archaize adornment
Careless / willow / bamboo / wood / cany goods
Casing of picture, frame, photograph, picture frame
Live in goods of things, drawwork and family expenses textile
Agate, pearl reachs gem headgear
Pottery and porcelain of daily expense, craft reachs carving
Small home appliance and massage nurse electric equipment
Glasses, horological
Vacuum flask container
Course of study of tent, umbrella
The skin is provided, box bag and vanity
Musical instrument and its spare parts / accessory
Model, juvenile products and entertainment place things

Exhibit meeting setting
Since 2004, spring “ justice handed in meeting ” to already held 4 continuously, annual on March 10 - in Zhejiang justice black is held 12 days regularly. Promote was major of international of handicraft, gift and industry of household articles for use to exhibit 2007, by Department of Commerce approval, small industrial and commercial conference is sponsorred. Its dimensions by 6 original, 500 square metre grow 15, 000 square metre; Professional audience and buy the home to also grow nearly 34, 000, broke up one time almost; Exhibit meeting commerce to clinch a deal frontal accumulative total already exceeded 900 million yuan of RMBs. China Craft Fair uses her 4 years the practice of harships course explained the route that takes own innovation, do world brand to exhibit of the meeting brand-new concept. This Fair already was industry of Chinese handicraft, gift 3 exhibit greatly one of, more annual spring handicraft, gift and manufacturer of household articles for use buy a direct contact in target of justice black and whole world, establish business connection and promoted exit outstanding achievement to provide unique window.
Time advantage: Should exhibit the time of the meeting to upright at “ China hand in meeting ” and “ wide hand in meeting ” between, meeting ” has distance “ justice gain time of half an year and all and light industrial kind exhibit can not have any conflict. China after reaching meeting end 4 days, no matter abroad buys the home and inland trade audience,timeline is visited exhibit meeting site. Holding time is to time every year (on March 10 - 12 days) hold, fixed to buying the home to have share a notion.
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