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Facilities of hotel of international of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou reachs things exh

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Product of series of supervisory system of conference of indication system of terminal of software of IC card door lock, hotel management, POS, VOD, hotel, entertainment, induction, the head of a bed controls hotel of screen of system, feeling, LED to indicate series;
Sauna swim facilities of Chi Kang substance
The room of sauna furnace, sauna, steamer, room that wash bath deploys equipment, unifinication swim establishment of hydrotherapy of equipment of pool, disinfection, SPA;
Wash equipment
Agent of packer of ark of machine of dryer, bath, dry-clean machine, spin-drier, disinfection, clothings, dry-clean

Ginseng exhibit expense 1, the standard exhibits (9 square metre) : Domestic company 7800 yuan of RMBs, bilateral mouth is exhibited add close 10% .
Every standard exhibits a configuration smooth ground of rice of 3 meters of ×3, 3 are exhibited board, basket of a 2 2 chair of character of a lintel board, 1 desk, fluorescent lamp, paper, and introduction of proceedings of a conferences, clean service.
2, interior open space (hire since 36 square metre) : Empty space 800 yuan / square metre.
Hire empty space, the spot needs to exhibit a house to hand in mount administration fee especially 28 yuan / square metre (provide introduction of proceedings of a conferences, security personnel, clean service. )

Exhibit the meeting is periodic and annual

Extend meeting scope 2008 exhibit an area to will break through 35 thousand square metre, exhibit more than 2, 000, ginseng postpone business 1, many 000, visiting business will break through 40 thousand person-time!

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