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Facilities of hotel of international of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou reachs things exh

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2, foreign deepness promotion
HOSFAIR Guangzhou2008 will take door going abroad, travel actively with foreign restaurant cooperation of company of famous exhibition of association and abroad will popularize exhibition, with the 20 many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy the media related many 100 abroad hotel things undertakes deepness cooperates; And spring hand in meeting, autumn hand in in the light of abroad visiting business issues those who amount to 150 thousand during the meeting " the exhibition plans " the full page ad that also will carry HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008.
2007 exhibit can review
HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2007 traded in Chinese import and export merchandise in June 2007 Pa continent exhibits a house to hold. Exhibit can gather merchant of global hotel things, exhibit an area 22 thousand square metre, exhibit 1, 200; Exhibit recieved during the meeting come from 55 countries / of the area major purchases business, showpiece dimensions and visiting number all is achieved all previous most.

Meal of kitchen of limits of item on display sets store
Ark of equipment of hutch of kitchen cooking range, Chinese and Western, refrigeration equipment, baking facility, cold storage, last equipment of furnace of kitchen utensils and appliances of furnace of eat of machinery of ark, food, dishwasher, ice machine, banquet, stainless steel, electromagnetism, environmental protection, ice-cream machine;
Desktop things
Tableware of hotel pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain, glass tableware, beauty is able to bear or endure model of silver of dial of appliance of Min tableware, stainless steel tableware, bamboo wood tableware, arrange, spirit stove, glass service, glass, gold, food;
Hotel furniture
Table of furnace of adornment of furniture of adornment of mattess of sofa of hotel flatlet furniture, hotel meal furniture, hotel, hotel, archaize, banquet furniture, recreational furniture, outdoors furniture, dynamoelectric table, household, electromagnetism;
Hotel spin
Series of carpet of goods of uniform of hotel cloth grass, bedding, hotel, eider down, blanket, bedding, wash pocket;
Clean equipment things washs the ground machine, polisher, machine that brush the ground, headroom the mat of work platform, cleaner, ash-bin, ground, machine that brush a window, cleaner, scour, wash one's hands fluid, dry skin implement, air is fresh material of face-lifting of material of machine, stone, stone nurses equipment;
Guest room reachs old hall things
Lamp of guest room freezer, one-time things, safe, guest room is acted the role of, bucket of jug of the phone of hotel TV, guest room, establishment that defend bath, electric heat, hair dryer, dining car, ice, speech / card of consult guest stage, big directive, palmy tree;
Coffee equipment reachs food
Appliance of beans of raw material of machine of coffee, coffee, coffee cure chance, coffee, coffee, coffee, roast food;
Hotel intelligent artifacts
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