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Facilities of hotel of international of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou reachs things exh

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Cloth extends time on June 24, 2008---On June 25, 2008
Show time on June 26, 2008---On June 28, 2008
Remove extend time on June 28, 2008---On June 28, 2008
Can exhibit conference of place Guangzhou international to exhibit a center (Pa continent exhibits a house)
Sponsor association of unit Guangdong cooking, Guangdong to save party of general manager of hotel of region of hotel things guild, Guangdong
Undertake unit Guangzhou China exhibit an exhibition to engineer limited company
Assist do friend of city of things of hotel of international of unit Guangzhou sanded brook, a person of extraordinary powers international hotel purchases a net
What belong to an industry to travel / hotel / meal
Be in area Guangdong to save | Guangzhou city
Can exhibit a description to exhibit meeting setting:
Cross 21 centuries, chinese economy grows strong continuously, hotel and meal course of study are all-time prosperity. Concern sectional statistic according to the country, hotel of our country of before 2007 5 months and accumulative total of turnover of meal course of study come true 4, 80 billion yuan. 12 what predict hopeful of income of countrywide hotel meal achieved record-breaking 2007, 0 yuan, grow 17.8% compared to the same period, and Guangdong is saved will with 3, 17.6 billion yuan sale resides head of a list of names posted up high again.
As 2008 the arrival of Beijing Olympic Games and Shenzhen is Guangzhou Asia Game, big 2011 2010 the drawing near that carry meets, countrywide hotel construction will be greeted new round of height. According to not complete count, the whole nation of the start working before the bottom was waited for 2007 judge, in build, the high-grade public house that needs the above of SamSung grade level that build has 1107.
Guangdong is countrywide hotel things base of the biggest production, also be base of production of tableware of the hotel furniture with the greatest whole world, pottery and porcelain, the hotel things that collecting 35 % above of countrywide makes manufacturer, forecast according to concerning a section, things of our country hotel purchased the forehead to will be achieved 2008 6, 0, among them trading business volume of things of Guangdong province hotel will occupy 1/3. In the meantime, guangdong has 8 at present, the accommodation orgnaization such as 000 of all kinds hotels, guesthouse, hostel, among them astral class hotel has 1, 275, have guest room 346, 130, bed 602, 099 pieces, first of male house whole nation.

Extend meeting advantage:
One, high quality hotel things grand ceremony
Facilities of hotel of international of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou and things exhibition (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008) it is Huanade the hotel things exhibition that the area has international exclusively to show a competence.
Up to now, exhibit can recieve in all come from global near more than 2000 exhibit business and more than 100000 global professional audiences, effectively promoted the development of Hua Na area and even industry of countrywide hotel things, high reputation is enjoyed in course of study of meal of global hotel guesthouse, be known as high quality hotel things grand ceremony.
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