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About China travelled 2008 theme year the announcement that reachs propagandist

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Brigade does hair 〔 2007 〕 192

Bureau of tourism of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (appoint) :
According to " 2006-2010 whole nation publicizes the job to plan external " about beginning “ Olympic Games - the overall deploy of ” of travel series propaganda, to publicize China of Olympic Games, conduct propaganda, enlarge the international consequence of our country tourism and competition ability, national tourism bureau considers to decide, theme of countrywide travel conduct propaganda was “2008 China Olympic Games to travel certainly 2008 year of ” , propagandist catchword is “ Beijing Olympic Games, make an appointment Chinese ” .
Ask each district according to afore-mentioned themes year with propagandist catchword, couple is real, research makes working plan, the conduct propaganda of Olympic Games travel that drives our region popularizes the job.
Inform hereby.
Office of national tourism bureau
Two years on December 28