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The travel that the work out that travel resource protection plans should choose to have corresponding aptitude plans to weave the unit is assumed.
Country of the 15th basis concerns the provision of legal laws and regulations, be engaged in travel resource developing mobile unit or individual lawfully, after the project approving that acquires concerned branch and construction are permitted, should swim in time to brigade the travel administration of resource seat the branch puts on record.
Department of local travel administration is responsible develop unit or individual to the travel resource that put on record, the tourism that offers this locality develops fundamental condition, development to anticipate wait for pertinent information, the concerned business guidance that makes good business progress works.
Department of the 16th various travel administration should build the travel resource inside area under administration to develop status data, collect, the information such as circumstance of dimensions of unit of construction of development of resource of the travel that register, construction, operation, announce OK and open news in time to the society.
The seventeenth action trade that begins travel resource develops an activity, should offer examine and approve with authentic project project approving, land in the round, the information of the respect such as resource protection, forbidden and false conduct propaganda, travel administration department should strengthen relevant supervisory examination.
The 18th is engaged in travel resource developing mobile unit and individual lawfully, answer to make special travel resource develop protective plan ahead of schedule. Plan includes travel resource to had developed medium safeguard and the travel resource that build background division safeguard. Sign up for department of local travel administration to put on record.
Area of scene of the 19th travel is engaged in travel welcoming an activity, the capacity should allow in travel resource protection begin inside limits, the travel height safety that makes phasing answer moves beforehand case, announce tourist discharge in time to occupy scene area to the society the biggest the news that welcomes a capacity, reasonable dredge tourist.
The 20th forbidden any units and individual are in begin travel to run an activity without the travel resource area of development.
Science is developed in above area research, athletic sports, expeditionary wait for blame gain activity, should travel to seat ahead of schedule administration department report puts on record, include mobile purpose, number, keep means of day of number, corresponding connection and the travel that accept beforehand the content such as resource safeguard.
The 21st builds travel resource to protect a circumstance to report a system. The report when department of various travel administration weighs incident of havoc travel resource to should be reached to what our region happens is the same as class people government and ranking travel administration. After the course is approved, report travel resource in time to destroy the relevant circumstance of incident to the society, guide public opinion correctly, accept social all circles to supervise.
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