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About print and distribute " travel resource protects temporary measure " announ

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Department of administration of the 7th various travel should strengthen the conduct propaganda that protects to travel resource to work, the travel resource that enhances travel operator, people and tourist ceaselessly protects consciousness.
Personnel of area of scene of travel agent, travel, tourist guide should load an educational tourist to protect the duty of travel resource in travel activity middleman and guarantor.
Any the 8th society organizations and individual have the right and obligation to be engaged in travel resource protecting the job lawfully.
Destroy incident to the travel resource of discovery, any organizations and individual are accountability inform against in time to local travel department.
The capital that department of administration of the 9th various travel should ensure travel resource census works.
The 10th encourages social organization, individual to wait for means to establish travel resource to protect fund lawfully through donating, use technically at travel resource to protect, any units and individual do not get embezzlement, divert.
Abroad society organization, individual waits for means to establish travel resource to protect fund in our country through donating, the regulation such as law, code is dealt with related according to our country.
Eleventh ” of ambassador of ” of the member that department of various travel administration can establish the tutelage of “ travel resource of this locality according to need and conduct propaganda of commonweal of protection of “ travel resource. Supervisor and list of ambassador of commonweal conduct propaganda should be announced to the society, sign up for department of corresponding travel administration to put on record. If have,change, be announced in time to the society and the report puts on record.
Dozenth the branch answers a various travel administration to protect the collective that outstanding contribution makes in the job and individual to undertake be publicized energetically and be encouragemented in resource of this locality travel.
Thirteenth establish travel resource to protect advisory expert group, build travel resource to protect an expert to seek advice from report system.
Expert group swims by various brigade administration department is in charge of establishing, announce to the society. What hire an expert to should include to involve travel resource the expert of each sort each respect.
Expert group protects the job to offer for travel resource seek advice, proposal, publish a comment. The evening that is in every 5 years to plan, those who refer this period " travel resource protects a report " , by various travel administration the branch is released to the society.
Department of administration of the 14th various travel should coordinate protection of resource of processing good travel and travel to develop the relationship between. Weave travel resource protects a program alone, the main content accept that protects travel resource the program develops a program into the tourism of this locality.
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