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About strengthening a holiday further travel safety guides the announcement with

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2, the safety administration that should strengthen key area position. From the safety of a few travel of near future happening the accident looks, expeditionary swim, self-help swims and the accident sends the project travel safety such as establishment of You Le of scene area dot more, especially the excursion with scene area periphery and less signs of human habitation the area is area of accident easy hair and place more, each district holiday does to should be organized actively and coordinate concerned local government and branch, according to the principle of apanage management, enlarge the limits that safety is on guard, in dangerous area and a sector of an area the value that send a person is defended or establish apparent dangerous label, strengthen management strictly.
3, the guiding that strengthens pair of tourists and organization. In the light of this year 51 ” of “ golden week self-help swims, drive oneself swim and expeditionary swim more circumstance, the conduct propaganda that each district wants to strengthen pair of tourists and guide. Should mix in time through broadcasting station, TV station, broadcast extend the form that publicizes booklet, dredge and guide a tourist to go out row. Should increase area of freeway, scene to nod the organization of highway and dredge, strengthen the education that safety drives. Want to conduct tourist reason go on a tour actively, dissuade a tourist to exceed oneself ability to be engaged in self-help swimming, expeditionary swim and activity of other and dangerous sex.
4, the preparation that should have done each lash-up relieve a sick or injured person works. Want according to each lash-up beforehand the requirement of the case, the preparation that has done each lash-up relieve a sick or injured person works. Especially the area that the accident sends easily and area, should have made each preparation of aid of close emergency treatment more. Want to insist 24 hours to be worth class system, carry news report expedite, answer the accident of likelihood happening at any time.
5, hold to accident report system. Various holiday does should concern a provision according to the country, ask departmental door and unit implement system of safe accident report strictly, prohibit hiding the truth from the happening of the thing such as newspaper, late newspaper, fail to report sth. To deregulation, the duty that investigates concerned leader and party.
Inform hereby.

Time of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinates conference office
Two years on May 3

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