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About strengthening a holiday further travel safety guides the announcement with

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Countrywide holiday does: About strengthening a holiday further travel safety guides the announcement with management

Holiday of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government does:
Current, holiday of circumference of 51 ” gold is in “ smooth and orderly in spent 3 days, what countrywide numerous people is enjoying long holiday to bring is cheerful. But, a few places also produced travel safety accident in succession, need causes various holiday to take seriously what do highly.
On April 30, one comes from the youth of Gansu Province, then in Tibet Qu Pan ascends Sangdankangsang downhill road is medium after snow mountain in falling into 15 meters of deep ice to seam. Insecurity of 3 many hours rescues association of that government of classics the Xizang Autonomous Region, administrative office, army, mountain-climbing and local common people escape from a danger, this young person is serious frostbite.
On May 1, 51 tourists are visited in Shandong sunshine seaside when, be gotten on tiredly in great-grandfather island by the seawater of abrupt flood. Policeman of local frontier defence is received after calling the police arrive in time, the course rescues all escape from a danger.
On May 1 afternoon, barge against of two seaborne balsa in seaborne ” brings about gorge of “ of Wuhan Zhongshan park cross a ship, cause 2 people to be weighed, 4 people flesh wound.
Controlled at 15 o'clock on May 2 afternoon, yunnan is saved enlighten celebrate Tibetian autonomous prefecture village of avalanche of the countryside in plum of De Qin county comes on road of divine waterfall hill, produce an avalanche suddenly, will going up in hill road bury of pedestrian and expeditionary more than 10 tourists. Although classics place government comes to help actively, still cause 2 people death, 1 person is weighed, 6 people flesh wound.
Controlled at 16 o'clock on May 2 afternoon, center of the recreation on water of 6 lake of Taurus combining a division, one is gliding in surface prepare preparative water to board small plane, with a houseboat barge against that drive quickly and comes, cause plane driver and 3 tourists to fall into water at once. Although 4 people are saved to rise, but a the condition of an injury of 13 years old of girls is serious, hospital rescue.
To avoid similar safety the accident happens once more, the 51 ” of “ that make sure broad tourist spends a safety, joy holiday, fulfil Vice Prime Minister Wu Yi to close in the round this year the demonstrative spirit of safety of travel of holiday of 51 ” golden week mixes “ each deploy that time of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinates the meeting, guide with respect to concerned travel safety now and manage the job to inform as follows:
1, fall safety administration job to real point further. Various holiday does should fall in the leader of government of Party Committee of all levels, according to countrywide holiday travel department time coordinates the deploy of the conference, supervise and urge further travel is recieved and the each travel security that takes Wu unit to fulfil section forehead office seriously works, the organization is harmonious public security, traffic, install the branch such as inspect, qualitative check to enhance travel security supervise and check, eliminate safe hidden danger in time, take strict precautions against the happening of serious especially big accident.
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