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Security of state of national tourism bureau superintends total bureau to carry

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4, do education of good conduct propaganda and administrative work. The conduct propaganda that should strengthen pair of travel and safe production is taught and supervise the work, should make unit of motor transportation of each travel agent, travel, each tourist guide, the leader of a sports team and driver establish intense safe consciousness, serious derive produces the lesson of accident of heavy especially big traffic for some time nearly, the safety that assures a visitor travels. The main controller that various travel, safe superintendency branch and each travel agent, travel carries service unit should strengthen management, perfect regulation of each management system and safety beforehand case, take strict precautions against accident happening. Concern a provision to offending a country, cause grave accident and great losing unit and individual, want to investigate its duty, till investigate legal duty.
National tourism bureau
National safe production supervises administrative total bureau
Two years on April 14

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