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Security of state of national tourism bureau superintends total bureau to carry

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Security of state of national tourism bureau superintends total bureau to carry safe urgent announcement about strengthening travel traffic
Brigade invents report 567

Bureau of tourism of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, security superintendency bureau; Bureau of tourism of city of each plan only kind, deputy provincial town, security superintendency bureau; Xinjiang production builds superintendency bureau of corps tourism bureau, security:
Close period of time, accident frequency hair causes travel transportation safety to the State Council is led and take seriously about sectional height. Especially on April 13, the one travel that tells organization of limited company of holiday travel agent by Shanxi Taiyuan carry is round, the old car that takes car of travel of Shanxi blessing Xin to serve firm take on lease goes to Hua Dongwu in city travel road, when going to a section of a highway of county of city of business Bo freeway anxiety, produce accident of great liaison man, end 14 days 20 when, had caused 11 people death, 9 people to weigh flesh wound of injury, 35 people, caused significant loss to people life and belongings. Current, be worth spring travel busy season, 51 ” of “ the golden week is forthcoming, security of national tourism bureau, state superintends total bureau to concern a requirement urgent announcement is as follows:
One, car of each travel agent, travel serves an unit, must stand in the height that for people life and belongings safety are in charge of, do each work of good safe production and service. Each travel agent does not get hire to concern the Motor Corporation car of sectional approve to be used at travel to recieve a service without the course; Each travel car serves an unit, must assure to recieve car safety to carry, must not take breakdown set out on a journey, the driver is not gotten exhaustion drives and violate compasses drive.
2, supervisory management department of various travel management department and safe production should cooperate closely, increase examination and supervisory job strength. Did not travel without safety, safety is the lifeline of travel. Before 51 ” of “ grow a holiday, each travel, safe superintendency branch should act instantly, carry car to have comprehensive examination to travel jointly with the branch such as public security, traffic, carry out a country strictly to concern safe production and carriage provision, cleared and safe hidden trouble, be on guard weigh especially big traffic accident to happen.
3, should have stressed sudden incident meet an urgent need beforehand of the case fulfil. Every produces accident of great travel traffic, local government should start lash-up instantly beforehand case, meet an urgent need also should be pressed after ranking travel, safe superintendency branch receives a reply beforehand the requirement of the case, assist local government to organize director minister job, take capable step jointly, had done aid of close emergency treatment and work of deal with problems arising from an accident. Especially cadre of leaders of all levels must visit commander of a gleam of, ensure come to help, the job of deal with problems arising from an accident goes on wheels.
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