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National tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture takes the announcement that cou

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(3) strengthen rustic travel investigation and study. Want to begin rustic travel survey deep, hold in the round and dog closely rustic travel develops a case, take the new development that studies countryside travels, new trend seriously, enact the policy measure that stimulative countryside travel develops. In all sorts of specific contradiction and dispute processing, safeguard farmer throws travel to develop management property and actual profit with all sorts of means. In the travel development that in the farmer collaboration runs, guide exploration to develop collaboration to organize the action of Wu of self-discipline, harmonious kimono. Perfect constitution of rustic travel cooperation, exploration builds what the company makes to run a mechanism.
(4) settle the bottleneck sex factor that restricts rustic travel development. Should strengthen rural area travel environment, road, water wait for fundamental condition construction. Cultivate of way of rural firedamp, country, person waters, the project of support agriculture project such as rustic cleanness should travel to countryside the dot tilts, urge country travel development project and link up with of all sorts of support agriculture capital. Those who strive for a supportive country development is small loan is used at countryside travel door, much channel much means plans market fund.
(5) do market of travel of nice rural area to develop the work. Various travel department should link development of rustic travel product, the help is designed and promote countryside the market image of travel product, drive dispersive rustic travel product to move toward the market. The rustic travel new product that should develop a batch of perfect maturity, civilized health, breed rustic travel high-quality goods stage by stage, those who satisfy domestic and international disparate arrangement of ideas is recreational go vacationing demand. Should encourage the enterprise such as travel agent and conditional of all kinds travel distributing center center, launch professional market sale and network sales promotion, widen countryside travels sale channel.
(6) the rustic travel mode that explores all sorts of types. Should mix around local characteristic resource market demand, the rural area that develops all sorts of types travels. The rustic travel that goes out to each district emerge in large numbers develops a type, want to notice to summarize general character and personalized development law, urge the dominant position between all sorts of mode complementary.
(7) 1 billion projects of “ of travel of constituent executive countryside ” . National tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture will publish rustic travel county, countryside, village to show plasticity level. Each district should have done the countryside inside area of politics of one's own profession to travel beforehand of advanced type try to find out the real intention investigation, after waiting for relevant specification to come on stage, the organization that makes good standard carries out the job. To “ 915 ” period end, the whole nation is striven for roll out countryside to travel 10000 1000 100 demonstrative counties, demonstrative countryside, demonstrative villages.
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