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National tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture takes the announcement that cou

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(3) insist to be able to develop continuously. In make full use of and develop rustic travel resource while, the new approach of culture of folk-custom of bequest of historic site of environment of organisms' habits of protection of active exploration science, cultural relic, immaterial culture, nation. The reasonable development of source of idle fund of brigade of integrated harmonious countryside uses a relationship, the environmental pollution that because blind development and competition of low administrative levels are caused,prevents and resource are destroyed.
(4) hold to strengthen a service to be put in working first place. Establish the concept that develops with serving hurried, promotion serves consciousness, innovation to serve a means. Strengthen harmonious, program, information, sales promotion and groom wait for servive routine, the public service territory that widens countryside travels, work up faces the travel of country and farmer to serve a system, raise the public service level that countryside travels.
3, working target
Through pushing country energetically travel develops, during 915 ” of “ , make already rustic travel project gets promote apparently and be perfectinged, the system of rustic travel product that forms moderate of phyletic and rich, class basically and characteristic the rustic travel pattern with outstanding, normative development, contented people living standard raises the requirement that consumes to travel. Strive for increase rustic travel obtain employment newly every year above of 300 thousand person, indirect obtain employment 1.5 million person; Travel every year to grow 5% from net income of average per capita of farmer of course of study; 1000 100 counties that have rustic travel demonstrative sense in countrywide building, countryside (town) , 10000 villages, make positive contribution for construction of socialistic new rural area.
4, working requirement
(one) increase rustic travel to give aid to strength. Want to rely on Party Committee of all levels and government to strengthen a leadership, bring into development countryside travel in the integral position that new rural area of each district socialism builds, give give aid to necessarily. Should strengthen countryside to travel relevant policy research, to develop rural area travel creates comfortable policy environment.
(2) promote rustic travel actively to serve systematic construction. Should coordinate each relevant section, stimulative government travels to countryside about public service outspread. A gleam of that should increase department of area county travel, agriculture further serves strength, strive for patulous limits and duty actively. Exploration builds the statistical system that countryside travels, raise the scientific statistic level that countryside travels. Current emphasis is the rural area that should provide major for the country travel development program and project are directive, help farmer is used and protect good travel resource, overcome development thunder absorb, enhance the market to manage consciousness; Clutch the standard of rustic travel establishment with basic formulate and recieve service standard, help farmer improvement is wholesome condition and recieve a condition, raise management level; Cogent the security that enhances rustic travel is supervised and manage.
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