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National tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture takes the announcement that cou

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National tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture takes the announcement that countrywide countryside travel develops about big thrust
2007 〕 of brigade hair 〔 14

Bureau of tourism of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (appoint) , agricultural hall (appoint, do, bureau) , xinjiang production builds corps tourism bureau, agriculture bureau:
The strategic deploy that about socialism to carry out the Party Central Committee, the State Council deep new rural area builds and Central Committee of Communist Party of China 2007 spirit of a file, make full use of “ 3 farming ” resource develops tourism, extend agricultural function and domain in the round, promote a farmer actively to become rich add close, national tourism bureau, Ministry of Agriculture decides to advance countrywide countryside travel to work energetically. Inform concerned job deploy as follows now:
One, guiding ideology
With Deng Xiaoping theory and “ represent ” serious thought 3 times to be guidance, firm establish and implement scientific progress concept, around the overall objective that socialistic new rural area builds, sufficient play agriculture and travel the advantage of two industries, arrange as a whole, strengthen a service, adjust measures to local conditions, classification is directive, through beginning “ ” of 1 billion projects is built, promote rustic travel development further, accelerate traditional agriculture transition to upgrade, stimulative country zoology and appearance of village look village are improved, induct farmer obtain employment, increase farmer income, for socialism construction of new rural area makes positive contribution.
2, basic principle
(one) the overall deploy that holds to obedience to be built at socialistic new rural area. Carry out fulfil the central overall deploy that with each district new rural area builds and specific requirement, regard one of efficient ways that build socialistic new rural area as development countryside travel, survey, integral program. The practice that the target that rustic travel develops, policy, measure wants to be built with socialistic new rural area is united in wedlock, while sufficient play tourism drives a function integratedly, explore the new mechanism that rustic travel develops, new approach.
(2) insist to press a country to handle affairs actually with travel economy rule. Set out actually with travel market demand from the country, it is main task in order to cultivate rustic travel industry, countryside of directive each district travels to commercialize, industrialization way develops. Insist not to break away from a farmer, do not break away from agrestic, do not break away from local resource condition, do not break away from travel consumption level, do not break away from development phase, put farmer profit in from beginning to end the first, respect farmer apiration and development practice adequately, not corrupt beg ocean greatly, promote class not blindly.
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