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Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way

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Committee of the 27th evaluation assesses a situation according to metaphase achievement, decide the undertaker that finishs task research finally; Also but the basis needs actually, do not finish research job by the two tasks constituent that assumes same task.
Achievement of task of the 28th scientific research is passed eventually period of evaluation, 20 jobs submit final positive result in a few days, the remaining sum part of funds of task of appropriate invite public bidding; Have many undertakers to a task, the basis evaluates grade, allocate task funds remaining sum in proportion.
The evaluation of task of invite public bidding of the 29th achievement, can adopt concentration to evaluate, decide the grade of achievement of invite public bidding; To bidding the amount is more, can adopt judge first first, the evaluation way that criticizes eventually again; Title identical or of close should mark achievement, can divide special subject evaluation.
Thirtieth according to objective situation change and reality need, national tourism bureau has authority to be opposite the content of the research title of scientific research task, research, cycle that finish and achievement form, make be adjusted moderately or change.
Thirtieth task of invite public bidding of a society, aid financially the task of sexual invite public bidding, person that entrust research task to have one of following state, must submit written application by task controller, sign up for approval of bureau of classics country tourism, inspect otherwise end task research automatically together:
(one) the person that be adjusted the research train of thought, research technique, time limit that finish and achievement form somewhat or change;
(2) change task controller or basically join a person;
(3) research of break down task;
(4) the change of other and main item.
Thirtieth task of 2 societies invite public bidding, aid financially the task of sexual invite public bidding, person that entrust every of task of invite public bidding to have one of following state, scientific research task must not apply for inside 3 years, recover already dialed aid financially funds; The clue gives badly bulletin.
(one) the thirtieth without approval 2 case person;
(2) the practise fraud in task application, or already evaluated through studying positive result, but encroach other intellectual property via checking;
(3) cannot submit research positive result on schedule or attend evaluation to meet;
(4) metaphase, final positive result did not pass evaluation.
Bureau of 3 countries tourism has thirtieth the task of tasks of pair of social invite public bidding, achievement invite public bidding, achievement droit that entrusts research task and access, have the access that studies a task to aiding financially a gender; Without the country tourism bureau agrees, task undertaker must not publish the article that concerns with this task, monograph to wait, must not accept news media to interview.
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