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Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way

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The 19th evaluation is polled by evaluation committee as a result make. Selection of subject, judge evaluation of achievement of mark, research, must evaluate an expert with 5 people 4 tickets, 7 people 5 tickets or the scale decision of 7 tickets carries 9 people; Study achievement grade is decided really, must poll with hundred mark system by evaluation expert for the foundation, by evaluation committee is considered to decide; Those who evaluate conclusion make, need integrated expert to evaluate opinion and voting result, by evaluation committee is considered to pass.
Invite public bidding of the 4th chapter bids
The title of task of the 20th scientific research can be propositional type, also can declare by oneself, specific provision by annual announcement of invite public bidding is released.
The applicant of task of the 21st scientific research, can be independent legal person, also can be a natural person. Task controller must be had or be equivalent to the professional technology qualification of deputy researcher above, assume and had finished above of the class that visit a department to study a project; Aid financially the application of task of sexual invite public bidding, beard with be in cadre door project approving obtains funds of partial scientific research to support. The applicant of task of achievement invite public bidding, do not accept afore-mentioned restriction.
The 22nd is ensure the research quality of scientific research task, encourage a society to study force is participated in extensively, the undertaker of task of social invite public bidding does not get those who assume this year to aid financially a gender to study a task; Task of social invite public bidding, aid financially sexual task undertaker, assume additionally those who entrust sexual task is annual must not exceed.
Applicant of the 23rd task must fill in by the requirement, the newspaper sends declare material.
The 5th chapter criticizes careful and government
Committee of the 24th evaluation is in charge of the pair of society invite public bidding, applicant that aids financially task of sexual invite public bidding undertaking qualification test is mixed should mark first trial, voting and affirmatory win the bid primary election list; Win the bid primary election unit can be more than amount of task of invite public bidding slightly. Inside 20 weekday after primary election unit is affirmatory, 30% of appropriate task total outlay.
After the 25th entrusts research task classics to approve project approving, put forward to entrust target of cycle of content of unit, research, research, research by relevant department room, be in charge of signing by integrated department entrust research agreement. Inside 20 weekday, 30% of appropriate task funds.
Task of invite public bidding of the 26th society, aid financially sexual task, entrust research task to must undertake metaphase studies achievement is evaluated. Evaluate through metaphase, inside 20 weekday again appropriate task is expended 30% ; Did not evaluate through metaphase, no longer appropriate task cost, the task considers to be stopped automatically.
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