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Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way

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Task of invite public bidding of the 9th achievement develops to carry out problem of medium heat sex, difficulty sex with management for tourism commonly, also can be strategical, the research theme with macroscopical sex, academic stronger sex. Amount of invite public bidding and research are periodic, decide according to annual and real need.
It is as close together as travel estate development and management that the 10th aids financially task of sexual invite public bidding relevant applied sex research, the key that aid financially and gives aid to is bureau of the tourism that visit town, can enlarge place of courtyard of scientific research of travel of above of three-year institution of higher learning moderately. Aid financially a task every year to make an appointment with 15, study 3 months control cycle.
Eleventh because the job is badly in need of,entrusting research task is, the research task that can approve project approving via director office, by the country tourism bureau entrusts the unit that has;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to capacity to carry on directly. Entrust a number and research cycle to answer from tight control.
Dozenth a funds of scientific research task differentiate according to the task sort, important rate, quality that finish grade, different place in a series gives the funds of different amount support. Fasten assumed same task by many tasks constituent, scientific research funds is pressed assume research job proportion and grade of assess of scientific research achievement to allocate severally; Task invite public bidding has an agreement additionally, the regulation that presses an agreement is dealt with.
Thirteenth of scientific research task judge mark, first trial, metaphase to evaluate, the charge such as final evaluation, do not include to be in task research funds, execute special funds row to raise.
The use of funds of the 14th task and management, should accord with a country to concern provision of Wu of financial, duty.
The 3rd chapter origanization construction
Task of the 15th scientific research evaluates the expert composition that committee invites by national tourism bureau, the selection of subject of task of responsible scientific research, invite public bidding, judge mark, first trial, metaphase is evaluated and eventually period evaluation general affairs.
The 16th expert that evaluates committee is chosen hire the principle that must follow professional, authoritative, justice, need the examine and verify that has working aptitude or professional aptitude, implement evasive system, accept a society to supervise.
The seventeenth expert that evaluates committee is formed with the country tourism bureau business manages room controller is given priority to, but chief of bureau of tourism of city of province of right amount appoint to a position and scholar of expert of inside and outside of course of study. The evaluation committee number of every task not less than 5 people.
Expert of the 18th evaluation should fulfil working obligation strictly, application material of serious check and approve and research achievement, to task undertaker spot the query rejoins, just make judge of examine and verify. Every cannot fulfill those who evaluate duty, once discover,appoint to a position has to its no longer inside 3 years.
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