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Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way

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Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way " announcement applies
Announcement of bureau of tourism of country of People's Republic of China (2007 6)

" task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way " already conference of office of director of national tourism bureau was discussed on Feburary 28, 2007 through, grant now announcement applies.

National tourism bureau
Two years on March 14

Task of scientific research of national tourism bureau runs way

General principles of the first chapter
The first serves for tourism to transfer power of social scientific research extensively, raise the force of practical, public letter of achievement of scientific research task and diaphaneity, drive a task to excogitate many good harvest, achievement, basis " invite public bidding of People's Republic of China bids law " and " license of administration of national tourism bureau implements temporary measure " , make this way.
Task of the 2nd scientific research insists to be mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping “ represents ” serious thought 3 times to be guidance, implement scientific progress concept in the round, with building the world travel powerful nation is mixed it is important to foster national economy the industry is a target. Scientific research task should highlight specific aim, actuality and applied sex, insist to develop with travel and run practice photograph union, insist to be united in wedlock with photograph of travel education scientific research.
The key of task of the 3rd scientific research includes: Global sex, before of look up sex strategical study a task, the task of sex of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood that uses gender, operation sex, the academic sex task of sex of technicality, exploration.
Task of the 4th scientific research parts phyletic external invite public bidding, hold to open, competition, preferred, encourage annals participates research at the legal person of travel scientific research and natural person.
The organization of task of the 5th scientific research is run hold to just, standard, transparent, the title is collected, invite public bidding bids, evaluate exposure of evaluation, information to wait to travel in China the media such as net of travel of newspaper, China is released on time.
The program of task of the 6th scientific research, organization and routine work, by the country tourism bureau coordinates department integratedly to be in charge of.
Category of task of the 2nd chapter
Cent of task of the 7th scientific research is task of task of social invite public bidding, achievement invite public bidding, aid financially sexual invite public bidding task and entrust research task 4 kinds.
Task of invite public bidding of the 8th society is commonly in long-term, strategical with academic sex stronger great research theme. Arrange 5 subjects every year, study periodic half an year is controlled.
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