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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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Enter a country energetically the basic guiding principle that travel is development of our country tourism. Various travel department should improve knowledge further, enhance sense of urgency and mission sense, develop energetically enter a country travel includes main job the target, place in more prominent place. Want to strengthen the constituent leader that to entering a country travel works further, make clear working responsibility, make working plan, take effective measures, advance actively. Should enter a country development of travel in extended program and year job organic union, advance development the job and do very groovy sex to work organic union, development key market and consolidate fundamental market organic union, strengthen conduct propaganda sales promotion and solid do good foundation to work organic union. Want to strive for the support of the leader of various government and relevant section actively, bring the positive effect of news media into play adequately, enter a country to develop energetically travel builds favorable development environment and public opinion atmosphere. Anyhow, want to bring each area into play adequately to do his utmost to measure, have the aid of a variety of means and method, optimize policy environment further, perfect system mechanism, throw with all possible means, joint efforts, make our country enters a country travel lasts healthy rapidder development.

National tourism bureau
Two years on January 9

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