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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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(6) strengthen policy guiding, creation is helpful for entering a country the policy environment that travel develops. Drive the conditional city that visit an area actively to publish development to enter a country the policy measure of travel, encourage to entering a country travel develops the unit that makes outstanding contribution or individual to give award. Encourage travel company to begin enter a country travel charter flight (boat) business. Encourage the travel company “ that has actual strength to walk along ” to develop, to enter a country travel extends the market. Tourism bureau will build the country to commend soundly promotive system, develop the unit that makes outstanding contribution and individual to undertake commending promotive to travelling to enter a country; Continue to enter a country for our country travel the overseas travel orgnaization that makes crackajack contribution and individual issue gold of “ China travel qualitative numismatic ” .
(7) strengthen international and area cooperation, extend enter a country travel develops a space. Make full use of two kinds of two markets of international home, resource, begin extensively with international travel is organized, each country and area travel department, of departmental door of group of the tourism outside the condition and home, place, enterprise, orgnaization communicate, connection and collaboration, be on sale through attend or holding travel jointly, international conference, section celebrates the different kind such as the activity, build a variety of collaboration pipeline, build cooperate with all possible means platform, extend new cooperative field, hurried enters condition travel to develop. Strengthen further Sino-Japanese, Sino-US, medium Russia, Sino-South Korean, medium imprint, Central Africa and China and east the travel collaboration of alliance, China and European Union, inland and Hong Kong Macao, mainland and Taiwan and communication, deepen cooperative mechanism, widen cooperative channel, develop enter a country travel market. Use our country actively to leave the country the advantage that travel market rises ceaselessly, take market exchange, enter a country travel and leave the country travel is interactive wait for means, advance condition travel to develop. Develop the diplomatic and consular missions outside be stationed in further, external friendly city, external the positive effect of friendly organization, timely agency of the travel outside adding China to be stationed in, to enter a country travel development creates more advantageous condition.
(8) strengthen and accelerate talent team to build. Develop energetically enter a country travel, talent team construction is crucial. Want to aim at international travel market, exert oneself is fostered and bring up to know the market, know sale, understand those who run is compound model travel sale team. Should accelerate construction program of high quality travel, plan and manage, team of administrative person with ability, drive enter a country the comprehensive promotion of travel supply system. Should strengthen personnel of sales promotion of company of personnel of pair of sale of market of travel management department, travel groom, strengthen pair of meetings to exhibit, the construction of professional sale team of the high-end product such as passenger liner, golf. National tourism bureau will establish “ China to enter a country ” of travel advisory committee, encourage place and enterprise to invite cross the industry, interdisciplinary, travel market that crosses region to develop adviser. Want to transfer social power adequately, to entering a country travel key market undertakes dogging study. The scientific proof that should establish counterpoise to publicize sales promotion activity greatly and effect evaluate a system.
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